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Puravida Fitness Mission Statement
To be the top personal training business in the Twin Cities south metro area that serves, empowers and energizes members of our community by creating healthier, happier and balanced individuals with an elite training staff that provides the best service possible.

Puravida - What does it mean?
While vacationing in Costa Rica in 2004, Erik Peacock, founder and president of Puravida Fitness was introduced to the term "Pura Vida" which in Spanish means "pure life." In Costa Rica it is used as a greeting to wish someone well or as a synonym for excellence - "Life is wonderful, enjoy it."

"Pura Vida" resonated with Erik as it symbolized a zest for living fully, not taking anything for granted, and being everything that you are meant to be. He used it as the name for his fitness studio where he challenges his clients to be the best they can be and experience the essence of pure life through better health and fitness.

About Us

Our Studio

Erik Peacock has always had a passion for health and wellness. Erik began his personal training career working for Northwest Athletic Club (since acquired by Life Time Fitness.) His passion and knowledge enabled him to become one of the top trainers while managing a training staff. Although doing extremely well at Northwest, he envisioned a place where he could make a difference in people's lives outside of the constraints of the corporate world. In 2005, Erik left a lucrative personal training career to open up his own studio, Puravida Fitness. This enabled him to create his own vision of how to help people discover their fitness potential. At the same time, another wellness colleague, Dr Thomas Schmidt, was also looking for a space to house his chiropractic practice. The two teamed up and although they have separate businesses, they share space and refer clients to one another. Life Wellness Center, Dr. Tom's practice, occupies the main floor and Erik furnished the lower level with a 1,700 sq foot training studio with the latest training equipment. At Puravida Fitness, Erik wanted a place where clients could have a fun and comfortable environment to train. Where at most gyms, you pay a membership fee and don't use half the amenities, in a training studio like Puravida Fitness, you only pay for the training. Erik is dedicated to making sure that trainers who work with him are exceptional and highly qualified. Clients are able to come to a place where they are given individualized programs suited for their bodies and their challenges. They work with all demographics, levels and abilities. It doesn't matter if you are 100 lbs overweight or just looking to stay in shape. Your goal may be to run a marathon or to complete a 5K. Whatever your needs or wants are, Puravida Fitness is the place where you can begin realizing your goals and dreams with trainers who will do what it takes to make that a reality. If you think this is the place where your goals and dreams can happen, give a call or stop by -- you will not be disappointed.

Puravida Fitness Core Values
Kaizen-Constant Steady Improvement
Personal Accountability and Responsibility
Honesty and Integrity
Be Givers Not Takers