I started training because I felt like I needed to do something about my constant frustration with my inability to lose weight after my second child.  I knew I needed someone to

hold me accountable rather than doing it on my own. 

Since starting with Puravida I have dropped 20lbs in 3 months.  My body definitely looks more toned, or so I have been told by my friends.  My energy level is up and acquired

better eating habits.
I thoroughly enjoy the group training and working out with the girls.  I like that the classes are not too big, allowing trainers to focus on each of our posture and correct us when

it's done wrong.  I like the friendly environment but most of all I like the results I have obtained through close monitoring by my trainers.  -Sum

 At age 46, I was twenty pounds heavier than I had ever been and feeling completely out of shape, due to several Crossfit injuries.  I knew I had to do something.  I saw an ad on Facebook, and decided to give it a try.  I met with Erik and we discussed all aspects of my health.  He suggested I try the small group classes and begin logging my food on a fitness app.  He also connected me with my trainer, Ryan who did an initial assessment and has evaluated my progress each month since.  Ryan gave me exercises to do prior to working out to prevent injury, and continues to give me specific other exercises to do if I am complaining of any pain. 
I began doing the workouts three times per week in September 2016 and have logged my food daily ever since.  I have lost 18 pounds and three inches off my belly!  I look and  feel stronger and better than I have in a long time.  The warm up exercises have allowed me to be injury free, which allows me to make it to class each week.  I love all the coaches I work with and I find the other people in the class  fun to be around.  I like the size of the gym and I get a great workout.  I look forward to going to class and don’t like to miss.
 I would recommend Puravida to anyone
no matter what age or fitness level.  The environment is very welcoming and nurturing, which keeps me coming back!  -Anita

10551 165th Street West Lakeville MN 55044 US    | info@puravidafitness.com