Tracy F.

Scott started training at Puravida because he was tired of doing the same thing without getting any results. He thought he could do it on his own but didn't want to risk getting hurt.

Scott likes the accountability from his trainer and is impressed with how well our  trainers know their clients. According to Scott, “The trainers are always prepared with a workout plan that provides personal service.  They are skilled at knowing exactly what you should be doing to make progress without taking steps backwards.”

Since he started working with Puravida, Scott has lost 20 pounds, gained strength, lost 5” off his gut and 3” off his waistline.  

Scott recommends Puravida because of the flexibility of work out styles and because he finds value in having a coach to help keep him accountable and on the right track.  According to Scott, skipping a workout is not an option! 



The proof is in the PHOTOS!

It's been 6 weeks since I finished my official program and I have kept off all the weight.  The lessons I have learned from Erik have officially become habits for me and I don't see me ever going back to my old habits (nutrition and fitness). 

I would whole heartedly recommend Erik and Puravida fitness to anyone who has thought they could get results on their own in the past.  For me it was the 3 fold combination of Nutrition, Strength/Weight training, and having skin in the game that helped me get to the healthy confident person I had tried to become for all these years.  It has been worth every penny, drop of sweat, and sore muscle. This program has truly changed my life and has allowed me to provide a legacy of healthy living habits that I share with my family every day.   -Brad D



I started training at Puravida last November after seeing an ad on Facebook that intrigued me and I  have never looked back!   One of the MANY reasons I love it here is the accountability piece. I know if I'm scheduled for a class or a session with Chris I better show up! That works for me!  I love the camaraderie of the small group classes and enjoy the banter between the trainers and the clients as they challenge us to work harder.  Thanks to several cooking classes at Beth's house I've discovered Kale is not just a four letter word 😊 and really appreciate all the tips and information on nutrition offered almost daily online.  It means so much to walk in and be greeted by Erik, Chris, Ingrid, Beth, Alex, Tracy and everyone there. I really feel their interest in my day and theirwork there is completely genuine!   I can honestly say there has never been one time I didn't feel better, happier and more motivated about my day walking out than walking in!  Thank you all!  - Kathy J.

Michelle to us at the age of 48 after being forced to lay off exercise for 6 months due to a lower back injury. She had gained weight and was not happy with where she was at. She started working with trainer Michelle Enderson and decided to enter Advocare’s Can U 24 Body Transformation contest. After completing that, she decided to set the bar higher and took the leap and entered a women’s fitness show where she knew she would have to get up on stage in a bikini.  She ended up taking 4th Place in large class of women. That is awesome for her first competition.  It’s amazing what a difference one year makes. 


 I am wearing clothes I never thought I'd wear!  That's because I've been training with Erik since May!  Training with Erik means challenging workouts that are designed specifically for your needs, push you beyond your potential and equip you to carry them out on your own.  He teaches as he trains, can make modifications in a flash, has hidden chiropractic skills, and offers valuable tips online each week.  
I am losing inches, body fat and pounds like I never thought I could!!  That's because I said yes to the 24 Day Challenge and nutritional coaching with Erik!  Nutritional coaching with Erik means learning the right combination of foods to eat at the right times, being accountable for food intake (nothing gets by!) and plenty of useful feedback and encouragement along the way!  I was skeptical about the supplements but with his knowledge and expertise, I now have a plan that I'm comfortable with. 

 I am meeting great people and having fun!  That's because I've taken part in some group workouts at Puravida!  All of the trainers and intern guys are friendly and can put together hard core workouts that make you work!  I am becoming a stronger, more efficient runner as a result of all this and I feel better than I have in years!   Erik and his Puravida people really are dedicated to your health and for that I am grateful!!    -Tracy F.


Tracy P.

 I started training at Puravida in June of 2012 as a 40th birthday present to myself. I was being sick of the way I looked and felt and wanted to start a new decade right. I had no idea that it would be amongst some of the better, long lasting decisions I’ve ever made. As I quickly approach my 44th birthday I recognize the huge changes I’ve made in my life with the support of Erik and his staff. 

The physical changes are awesome! I’ve lost 20lbs, 30 inches, and 15% body fat.  I didn’t expect the emotional changes. I have more energy, a focus on a healthy lifestyle, and an appreciation for surrounding myself with optimistic, like-minded people. 
Erik has a wonderful, comprehensive training style. He helped me understand the importance of nutrition and how it must take a front seat when navigating towards optimal health. Not unlike a lot of 40 year old women, I used wine to take the edge off of daily stressors. One glass of wine led to several which led to overeating which led to weight gain. The glamorization of wine with girlfriends had a hold on me and it wasn’t until Erik started holding me accountable to food journaling that I realized it was a road block to achieving my goals. I eliminated alcohol completely about 1.5 years ago. That was not an easy thing to do but certainly worth it.
I love the variety of fitness options Puravida offers. The group training classes are my favorite because I enjoy getting to know the other people in class. I also appreciate working with the trainers on a 1:1 basis. That provides me the opportunity to check in and make sure I’m doing things correctly and or change up my routines as necessary.
Erik has done a great job of exposing clients to alternative group fitness classes that are fun and interesting. XaBeat has been a great addition to my fitness routine as of recent. I fell in love with the party style workout so much that I am now getting certified to instruct classes. I appreciate Erik, his staff, and his clients who all make my fitness journey one of the best parts of getting older!  -Tracy P 




Tracy F.



Never in a million years did I think I would participate in a bikini competition.  However, this past summer I was looking to set a personal goal and decided that this goal would not only improve my lifestyle, but also truly challenge me and test my limits.
I have always been athletic and enjoyed fitness, so taking this component to a new level was exciting. Nutrition was a different story. I am your typical college student who enjoys simple
foods and most importantly girls’ nights filled with of chocolate, wine, and ice cream. While it was difficult at the beginning to adjust to this new lifestyle, it eventually became familiar and I found myself enjoying it.

Not only did I grow physical strength during this process, but I grew mental strength as well. There were times when the training felt daunting and I wanted to quit. Thanks to the support from Erik though, I found strength and motivation with each of our training sessions. This allowed me to push through.
This has been the most rewarding goal I have ever set. Not only have I grown in many ways and developed a better lifestyle, but I have also learned vital lessons that will serve           
beneficial in future endeavors.   I cannot thank Erik enough for all of his support and encouragement along the way. His expertise, patience, and ability to hold others accountable is  

admirable. Thank you Erik for helping me to achieve this goal!    -Brandy L 


In September of 2014, I was in an auto accident and been struggling with neck pain n headaches.  I was under many restrictions and ended up putting on about 40 pounds.  With the      

depression of the weight gain, I decided that I needed to find some way of losing the weight, and getting into a healthier place.
Erik was always conscience of what my body would allow me to do, and would listen to me and how I was feeling.  If there was something that triggered one of the symptoms, he would

 modify it until we found something that would work. 

I love the fact that it is such a small gym with usually no more than about 5 people are there at one time (I have always been one that was very self-conscious in the big gyms, feeling

others were looking and judging!)  You get such wonderful 1 on 1 attention from not just your trainer, but all of them.  All the other people that may be at the gym are also very friendly. 

Since starting my workouts with Puravida, I have lost a total of 22 pounds and am feeling great!  I am so much stronger and am fitting into clothes I have not worn since 2 years prior to    

the accident.  Many others have noticed the changes in me.  Not only do I feel better physically, I can feel the change emotionally.  –Cheri S.​

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