Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the BEST way for me to get started with your programs?
  • What do your programs cost?
  • Do you sell gym memberships?
  • What type of nutrition programs do you offer?
  • Do you sell nutrition products?
  • What types of clients do you mainly work with?
  • What if I am injured or have a history of injuries. Can I still workout?

We always do a consultation first. That way we can learn more about you. During the consultation, we also go through an outline of how our program works. After that we come up 1-2 options that, in our professional opinion, BEST meet your needs. This is also important for us to match you with the trainer we feel has the best personality for you as well as a schedule that can accommodate yours.

Generally most clients start with our 12-Week Transformation Program. This creates traction with their fitness and healthy habits. The price ranges from $149-$660/month depending on which option you choose. We usually determine the top 2 options for you during the consultation.

We are not a traditional gym. We are a personal training facility. However, you can use the gym even on days you are not training with your trainer or attending a group class at no extra cost. This is an added benefit we offer to ALL clients who are actively training with us.

We offer both one on one and group nutrition programs. Our nutrition coaching programs focus on developing habits instead of blindly following a “cookie cutter” diet. Habits are what keep the weight off for good.

We do sell nutrition products from ID life, Advocare, and Zurvita. The products can support a solid nutrition program.

Our main clientele are middle aged men and women who lack the time, knowledge, and energy to put together an effective plan that keeps them motivated and seeing results. We find people in this age group need accountability and structure to see the results they want.

Older adults have also become an increasingly popular group we work with as well. As many adults age, their risk of falling increases and their function decreases. Proper training can make a HUGE difference in the quality of life in the later years of life.

We share space with a chiropractic and physical therapy clinic. We are fortunate to work with many of their patients so we are very experienced in dealing with injuries and orthopedic issues. Our trainers are well versed in working with injuries and joint issues. A well designed exercise plan can actually improve these areas tremendously.