Do You Hear What I Hear?

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I don't know about you, but I love Christmas music. Memories from my childhood include sitting next to my dad in church while the trumpet played and he sang out the traditional tunes and going caroling down the street to our spread some cheer to our neighbors. 

When I taught preschool in St. Paul, I took my classes caroling on Summit Avenue one night. The joy on their little faces as they spread some holiday cheer was priceless. 

A few years ago, an awesome client and myself went caroling upstairs through Life Wellness Center after class one day.  Good voices - not a requirement! 

In addition to the messages about the birth of Jesus, I like to apply the words in the songs to everyday life.  Unspeakable Joy reminds me to be a light in the world and to love like Jesus loved.   

Do You Hear What I Hear? reminds me to be on the lookout for goodness and light, to be goodness and light and to pray for peace for people everywhere. 

Though the songs each have their own special meaning, certain parts of the lyrics jump out at me.  I like to believe I'm hearing what God wants me to hear... but maybe I'm hearing what I want me to hear.  Am I missing the meaning to the song? Is there something else I'm supposed to learn?

That got me thinking about the things we tell ourselves. What do we hear?  If we're honest, often times we tell ourselves what we want to hear.  

  • I need to skip my workout this morning because I was up too late and need to sleep.
  • I need to drive the carpool so I'll swing through a drive thru after I drop the kids off.
  • I had to work late which cut into my workout time. I'll just workout tomorrow instead. 
  • I'll eat the cake after my workout since my workout was so intense.  

Do you hear the justification?  Something changed in the plan and the solution was more appealing than worthwhile when it comes to fitness and nutrition goals.

What do you tell yourself? Do you have a tendency to hear what you want to hear or what you need to hear?  How is your discipline if something in your plan changes?  Maybe you hear a lot of negative self talk.  Would you have an easier time if you had some extra accountability?  Or someone to help you recognize your wins?

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Tracy Farrell

Puravida Fitness