It's Not How You Start- It's How You Finish!

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"Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may win."  1 Corinthians 9:24

I remember watching my wife run the Twin Cities Marathon.  

She trained hard for the race.

I had never seen her so dedicated to accomplishing a goal.

On race day she struggled. Her body was "off" and it was a tough race for her.

I still remember watching her come down the final hill to the State Capitol as she approached the finish line.

Even though the race was tough, she mustered up a burst of energy to sprint through the finish line. 

I was proud of her for doing that race but even more proud at the way she finished it.

Life can be like a race.  As much as you prepare and do the "right things" it can still be a struggle.

2022 might have felt like a long brutal marathon at times. 

Maybe you didn't start out well or maybe you went into a funk or faced a major setback. 

Whatever the case, it is not about what did or did not happen or the fact you started strong and lost momentum along the way.


Just like my wife, I want to see you "sprint" through the finish line of 2022.

A great way to "Sprint" through the finish line is to join us for the annual "FITMAS TREE CHALLENGE" workout this Saturday at 9am.

This challenge has two purposes.

#1- Raise money for a great charity OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD

#2- Give you a WIN at the end of the year.

This is not just a hard workout. It is a symbol that you are still in this "fight" called life.

It can and will be modified for injuries and ALL fitness levels.

The important thing is you show up and do your BEST.  That's all we can ask.

I guarantee you feel like a champion afterwards.

Any setbacks, disappointments and regrets will disappear into the past where they belong.

You can come do this workout for any donation amount to Operation Christmas Child.

I will be there doing it with you too.

I'm coming off the flu and pneumonia but still realize it is important to finish strong even if I have to slow it down and pace myself.

I hope you will join us in finishing this year off the right way.

If you want to come and are not in our system click the CONTACT US button to get registered.

Dedicated to finishing strong with you,

Erik Peacock