Are You Just Busy Or Actually Productive?

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10 years ago I won a special business coaching weekend down in Orlando, Florida.

I had the privilege of being one of four people who got to work with some top business coaches on how to grow my personal training business.

One of the assignments before the weekend was to do a thorough presentation of my business.

We had to bare it all.

Our marketing, our systems, our customer service plan....EVERYTHING.

I thought mine was pretty well done and felt confident going before the coaches who would then critique my business.

I remember laying out my presentation explaining everything in great detail. 

Upon completion, the owner of the coaching company told me "you are really busy but not productive. That's why your business is not growing."

Ouch! It was like a slap to the face when he basically told me my current plan was worthless.

However, when the sting settled I realized he was right.

I was filling time with activities that were producing NO RESULTS. 

It was the wake up call I needed to start looking at how I was spending my time and where I was placing my effort.

BUSY is the enemy of progress.

Every week people reach out expressing interest in improving their health and fitness.  But when I try to get them in, they are "too busy."  

I wonder if all that "busy" is really productive stuff or if it's mostly meaningless "to dos" that don't fulfill passions and dreams.

Considering the state of emotional, physical and mental health in this country, I'm guessing it's meaningless tasks.

Will this be the year you finally breakthrough and start putting time into things that really matter?

Or will it be another year of hoping for a breakthrough that never comes because once again "you're too busy?"

I can help.

My plans fit your lifestyle and get results guaranteed without spending countless hours in the gym.

Let's work together to make 2023 your breakthrough year.

Hit the button below to set up a SUCCESS SESSION with us and let the breakthrough begin.

Dedicated to your 2023 breakthrough,

Erik Peacock