Your Business is Growing So Is Your Waistline

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"What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?" Mark 8:36

All too often, I encounter the client who seems to have it all together on the outside, but in reality their souls have been forfeited.  

For example, the one who held a prestigious position at a prominent medical company.  She had money, success, and power on the outside, but her long stressful days were at the expense of her health. She was 60 pounds overweight and had several medical issues. 

Another former client grew his small startup into a large successful company.

Although his business success was impressive, his own health was in a tailspin. As his business grew so did his belly. He was left overweight and in the worst shape of his life.

These types of stories are all too common.  Folks tend to sacrifice successful health for success and wealth. The reality is, this creates a new kind of debt. They accumulate health debt and end up losing a chunk of their wealth trying to regain their health.

The bottom line is you can't put a price on health.

So what good is it to gain the whole world in terms of wealth and status but forfeit your health in the process?

Money and career will mean nothing if your health is gone.  

If this sounds like you, I'm here to tell you it is not too late to "turn the ship around." You can gain the whole world without forfeiting your soul.

In just 8 weeks we can transform your body and your life without spending endless hours in the gym and eating rabbit food.

Our new weight loss program - The F.A.T. Method - is a big hit.  We are seeing clients get results faster than ever.  In my 18 years of owning Puravida Fitness I haven't seen anything like it.

  • One of my high school classmates who is battling through menopause has lost 8 pounds in just 4 weeks and feels great!
  • Another client who had been hit or miss on his nutrition finally decided to go "all in" with this program and has dropped 13 pounds
  • My high school friend and his wife are both killing it. They started working with me before the holidays and are down over 50 pounds combined. 

It's so effective I have decided to let you in on all the fun sooner rather than later.  Originally, I had planned to start the next group in March. But the results have been so amazing, I'm going to start the program again on Monday, February 13th.

Currently we have 13 spots left and I know they will go fast.

If you are interested in this "game changer" method, reply to this email or call/text me at 952-220-2448 to get information and/or lock down one of the remaining spots.

You could have the same results as a couple other clients - one who has dropped 7 pounds in 4 weeks and another who reports clothes are fitting better, mental fog has lifted and she is sleeping better than she has in months. 

Reply now before the spots are gone.

Dedicated to your 2023 breakthrough!

Erik Peacock,