Do You Have OCD?

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This past weekend I was blessed to attend a women's conference at Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie.  I love these types of events!  Not only do I get to spend time with my sister and friends but I get to be filled up with worship music, inspirational speakers, humor and motivation!  You can't help but feel good when you are there!  

One speaker in particular stood out for me.  She spoke about OCD - Obsessive Comparison Disorder.  I didn't know such a label existed. 

She called it a disorder of the heart.  When we can't be happy for who we are, for what we have, for what someone else has or when we put ourselves and/or others down...we fit the criteria for OCD.   

She shared a picture of herself with her 2 precious kids. Rather than seeing the blessing of her little ones, she zoomed way in to focus on the wrinkles by her eyes.  Then came her OCD:  she compared herself now to herself on her wedding day where she was wrinkle free.  It's easy to focus on the flaws even when the blessing is right before our eyes!

Been there?  Done that?  I think it's safe to say we all have!

Then came her ideas for a cure.  One of her suggestions was to celebrate - celebrate ourselves and celebrate others.  It is hard to celebrate ourselves when we are focused on our flaws though.  Many times a mindset shift is just what the doctor ordered. 

How is your mindset?  Do you have OCD? 

If so, we can help!  In addition to the exercise component, our 12 week Transformation program focuses on developing a healthy mindset.  This will lead you on the path to accomplish your fitness and nutrition goals so you can look in the mirror and celebrate who you are and what you see!

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Celebrate you!

Tracy Farrell

Puravida Fitness