Summer Bodies Are Made In The Winter

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I'm going a different route this week.

No deep thoughts or philosophy.

In fact I'm going to get a bit "shallow".

Almost every time I meet with a new prospective client they give me all the "politically correct" answers for wanting to get in shape...

..."To be healthier for my kids"

..."To feel healthier" 

..."To be able to be active and live a quality life"

One thing that gets left out but ALWAYS comes up after we start training is they want to LOOK BETTER.

Good old vanity.

It might sound shallow but it's honest.

I don't know too many women who wouldn't want to put on that new swimsuit and feel good about how it looks on them.  Or have the desire to fit into those clothes they never wear anymore because they're too tight in all the wrong places.

And it's not just the ladies.

Many guys have confided in me that they feel embarrassed to take off their shirts because they are sporting a "dad bod." And they are not proud of it.

One of our old clients Heather told us her main reason for working with us was so she could enjoy her summer lake cabin.  You see, she was so uncomfortable with her physical appearance she would spend the days inside instead of enjoying the time at the lake with family and friends.  All because of discomfort in her own skin.

That's sad to hear.

I can hear the personal growth gurus chanting in unison "it's what's on the inside that matters most."

Yeah, that may be true but there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good.  Especially when summer rolls around and it's hard to hide under layers of clothes anymore.

There is a saying that bodes true.

"Summer bodies are made in the winter"

What would it be like? If you felt good and confident about your new "summer body" as you hang out on your boat or on the beach this summer?

Now is the time to start working towards it.  In just 12 weeks you can literally transform your body - just in time for summer.

Our 12 week transformation program is our BEST personal training program to reshape and tone your body from head to toe as well as attack those "problem areas."

The F.A.T. Method program is the perfect partner to help you burn off the fat effectively and safely.  These programs together will having you sporting that summer bod just in time for the season.  Just ask Nikki. Here's what she has to say:

I joined Erik’s group because I needed accountability, a new way to look at food and to learn techniques that could be attainable forever.  So far I’ve lost 9lbs all while working with my doctor on my hormones due to menopause. I’m happy with my progress as everything else I had tried would not move the scale.

I like working with Erik’s team because they always have great tips on how to be successful . They never make me feel bad if I have an off day. I like the group concept where we hear what’s working for others and share ideas. I would totally recommend The FAT Method program because it’s something you can take through your life beyond the 8 weeks”

Our team of coaches has set an ambitious goal to transform 50 bodies and lives in 2023.  This is a great opportunity for you to be one of them.

Just hit the button below to schedule a COMPLIMENTARY SUCCESS SESSION and let's dial up the BEST plan for you to be "beach ready" for summer.

Dedicated to your transformation,

Erik Peacock