Learn to Operate in Binary Mode

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More wisdom from "Discipline Equals Freedom" written by former navy seal Jocko Willink. 

Too often we humans tend to overthink and overcomplicate things.  

We can easily get caught up in the "paralysis by analysis" syndrome because we spend so much time thinking and rethinking and rethinking and on and on and on.....

This syndrome inhibits us from achieving the success we're striving for - or at least achieving it before we can truly enjoy it.  So much of our lives are wasted in this overthinking mode, as we fail to take any action on a consistent basis.

Here is what Jocko has to say on the subject...another great "Jockoism."

Machines make their decisions on binary code.

Yes or No.

It is not complicated.

Are you going to workout?

Yes or no.

Are you going to get up?

Yes or no?

Are you going to get off the couch?

Yes or no?

Are you going to eat that donut? 

Yes or no?

This is not complicated.

And sometimes you have to put yourself into this mode.

Binary Decision Making.

Are you going to be weak or strong?

Are you going to be healthy or unhealthy?

Are you going to improve your life?

Are you going to make your life worse?

Are you going to sacrifice long term success for short term gratification?

You know the right answer.

You know the right decision.

Don't overcomplicate.

Binary decision making.

Make the right decision.

Make a decision.  Don't overthink it.  Take action.

Make a decision, don't complicate it.  Make it binary.

Here at Puravida Fitness, we truly know what the right decision is.  

Are you struggling with how to achieve that decision?  No worries, we got you.  We'll do the thinking for you - all you do is take action.

Remember we are looking to transform the bodies and lives of 50 people in 2023. We have 10 done so far. We want you to be next.

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Dedicated to your 2023 transformation,

Erik Peacock