The #1 Thing You Need For Weight Loss Success

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1 Corinthians 9:27 says "I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should. Otherwise, I fear that after preaching to others I myself might be disqualified."

When I read this I think of a teaching I listened to from one of my favorite pastors.

This pastor interviewed some top NCAA athletes. 

He asked each of them how many hours a week they trained. The answers ranged from 25 to 40 hours per week.

The other question he asked was did they always feel like training. Each one of them said a resounding "no."

Finally he asked them why did they trained when they didn't even feel like it.  

All of them said "to be a champion."

Now I know most of us are not training for athletic competition. But we are competing in life.

Life is the hardest game of all.

Trying to be the best version of ourselves requires serious effort.

Many times we let our feelings of not being motivated or too tired overtake us. This stops us from making the BEST choices.

Of course, there are people who will tell you there are "hidden secrets" and "hacks" you can implement to see success without any hard work. 

These people are more interested in separating you from your wallet than seeing your success.

The #1 thing you need is DISCIPLINE.

Discipline is not something you are just born with.  It is learned and cemented through consistent practice. It's like building a muscle... it needs regular training to grow.

It means doing the actions that move you forward despite how you feel or what is going on in your life

Our 8-week F.A.T. Method program is a great way to develop your "discipline muscle."

Over 8 weeks you will develop strong eating and exercise habits that will cement your discipline. Habits you can use the rest of your life.  

Another great thing about this program is it can be tailored for anyone.

Here are a few success stories of people in our current program.

Jeff used to do MediFast and lose weight only to see it come back on. The other day he told me that he loves this program because he doesn't have to buy expensive "fake food" and he can see himself maintaining the things we are implementing forever.  He is also down 15 pounds and it isn't killing him.

Jessie works out intensely 5-6 days per week but was not losing weight. She was able to shed 14 pounds and fit into some jeans she hadn't worn for years. The nutrition plan and coaching not only helped her shed fat but she improved her performance in the gym too. Meet Jessie and catch a climpse of her JOY right here. 

We have knocked out 10/50 transformations on our goal of 50 for the year.  My team and I want you to be the next big success story. 

The F.A.T. Method is our primary method we are using to accomplish this.

Reply to this email to get more info on our next F.A.T. Method program - it starts up on May 1st.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock