I Was Humbled Big Time

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 There was a time back in high school where I wanted to be an auto mechanic.

I took classes and could actually work on cars back then.

That was then and this is now.  And now I'm pretty clueless.

I just got a newer vehicle and needed to put a hitch on it to pull my boat.

I've never done this before but my friend Gary offered to help since he is very knowledgeable about cars.

Even though I was unfamiliar with this type of project I thought it was going to be easy.  Once we started, it was apparent we needed to drop the exhaust and remove the heat shield, creating a much bigger task than I had intended.

I was humbled big time and felt overwhelmed. I had never done something like this before and it sounded beyond difficult.

I have to admit I almost wanted to throw in the towel and just pay to have it done.  But Gary was confident.  He had done this before so we moved forward.

An integral part of this process was using the right tools.   

In the middle of the project Gary had to leave. But because he taught me well, I was able to finish the project and get my car back together.

Not because I turned into a pro mechanic, but because Gary had taught me what to do so I could finish the job on my own.

This whole experience is very similar to our F.A.T. Method program.  

Many people are overwhelmed with all the diets and weight loss programs out there. 

It seems complicated and overwhelming with all the tracking, rules, and theories floating around.

You have repeatedly tried to lose weight. Maybe you've even lost weight but nothing sticks, leaving you still carrying too much body fat.

Much like dropping an exhaust system, it can seem almost impossible to make it happen.

Just like my friend Gary, I've done this program myself and with others and know what it takes to be successful.  

Our F.A.T. Method program will give you the right tools (like Gary gave me) to get the job done as well as teach you how and when to use them.

And just like me, you will be able to finish the job on your own. After the 8 weeks, you will be able to keep going and continue to lose the weight you want because you have  the knowledge and processes to keep the weight off.

Weight loss does not have to be complicated like we often make it.  

The F.A.T. Method is a "fat loss for dummies" program that works for everyone.

Here are a few testimonials from recent F.A.T. Method participants.

"I'm down 17 pounds. I'm so glad I did not go back and do Medi Fast where I just bought their fake food" Jeff P-Prior Lake

"I got stopped at TSA because my pants are now so loose and baggy."- Cheryl L, Burnsville

We kick off tonight and in just 8 weeks we can have your "fat loss project" complete.

Go here to grab one of the remaining spots.

Erik Peacock

Puravida Fitness