Strength Solves A Lot of Problems

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The word "too" should be a swear word. 

I hear it abused with a negative self limiting connotation when it comes to physical health.

"I'm too old."

"I'm too out of shape."

"I'm too injured."

Many people believe these "too" statements but that doesn't make them true.

In my opinion they are lies from the pit of hell. They send people down the slippery slope of becoming weaker and more deconditioned.

Sliding down this slope destroys your quality of life and leaves you settling for less and less.

In almost 30 years of personal training, I've  learned that many aches, pains, and limitations stem from weakness.

Getting strong solves a lot of these problems.

A good example of this is my own father. At 80 years old he required back surgery to remove a benign tumor from his spine.

This restored feeling in his legs but left him weak and shaky.

My dad's passion is hunting.  He knew if he didn't do anything to rebuild his strength, he was DONE hunting.

Another passion is caring for his property.  He lives on an acreage lot.  If he didn't get stronger, he would have to sell it and move into an assisted living.

He told me that would have literally killed him. He was right.

He could have just accepted this but he decided to start training twice a week with me because he wanted to get his life back.

When we started training in October he needed a walker to move around his house.  By April he made it out on our annual turkey hunting trip and he left the walker at home!

He was able to hike around the hunting ranch and even crawl under a barbed wire fence to retrieve the turkey he shot! 

This seems like a miracle going from walking with a walker to hiking around a ranch months later.

It's simply giving the body the proper stimulus so it can adapt and grow stronger.  

The human body is well designed and can come back from big injuries and setbacks with a well designed progressive fitness program.

Maybe right now you feel weak or hopeless. Maybe you've accepted this state as your new normal while letting the excuse of age be the reason.

Don't do it.


If my 80 year old dad can do it, so can you!

If you are not currently working with us, just hit the button below to set up a Complimentary Success Session with me.  Let's come up with a plan to restore hope and get your life back.

Dedicated to your comeback,

Erik Peacock