If You Are Coasting You Are Going Downhill

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I've done hundreds of fitness and nutrition consultations. 

The vast majority of people I talk to want to lose some weight.

One of the things I really hone in on in during these consultations are the person's daily nutrition habits. 

Many times their nutrition seems to be "coasting." 

Here's the deal. If you are coasting you are going downhill.  You find yourself just getting through the day with little or no planning or thought as to what and when you are going to eat.

There might be some haphazard attempts to do some intermittent fasting, cut carbs or use some "magic supplement.  (Can you say apple cider vinegar?)

But in reality there is no focus on really dialing in nutrition to where it needs to be in order to see the body transformation you want.

It nevers fails. When you actually focus on your nutrition you start to see the changes you want.

  • The pounds drop
  • Your clothes fit better
  • Compliments come your way 
  • Muscle definition becomes visible

We are entering summer...the season of cabin weekends, cookouts, and parties. 

You can really pack on the pounds if you don't have a plan.

I had a one client who decided to take the summer off and coast, only to come back 30 pounds heavier.  As easy as it is to put on, it is much harder to take off - unless you have a plan.

My new 8 week F.A.T. Method program provides you with a plan.  A simple, easy-to-follow plan that is an effective way to quit coasting and start pedaling towards a solid nutrition strategy.

The good news is you can get great results while going to your cabin, enjoying your cookouts...and still have a life.

Nutrition is about consistency not perfection. And with the strategies we teach, you will be able to create a nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle.

Here is one of our success stories from the last group.  Shelly is a busy mom of two little ones, runs a small business and does not have tons of time to workout or count calories.

Using my F.A.T. Method, Shelly hit her weight loss goal 6 weeks into the program.

Watch her testimonial here.

Here at Puravida, we're working hard towards our goal of 50 transformations in 2023. We have 20 in the book so far.  

We want you to be the next one!

Let's make the summer of 2023 your summer of breakthrough.

Quit coasting with your nutrition and start pedaling towards your success.  Grab your spot in the next F.A.T. Method group by clicking here.  We start one week from today on June 19.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness

P.S. If you are still on the fence as to if this program is the right fit for you, reply to this email and I'll shoot you out more info to help you make the best decision for you.