This Secret Weapon Makes You Unstoppable

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Last week we took a family trip to the Black Hills. We hit all the sites like the Badlands, Custer State Park, and Mount Rushmore. These places were all cool but surprisingly my favorite was the Crazy Horse Monument.

Truth be told, I didn't feel like going.  We had already hit 3 "tourist traps" that day and I was maxed out of being a tourist.  But my wife really wanted to go so off we went.

To my surprise I left there super inspired.

Yes, the monument was cool. But the story behind the monument really lit me up.

Korczak Ziolkowski was a World War 2 veteran who had been in D-day.  He was a sculptor before the war.

He had come in contact with an Indian chief and they commissioned him to build a statue of the great Indian chief/warrior Crazy Horse who had fought against General Custer at the battle of Little Bighorn.

Korczak said in a statement what an honor it was to be picked to build a monument that represented people who had lived there for so many years.  He wanted to give something back to honor ALL Native Americans and try to make up for some of the wrong that had been done to them.

He started out living in a tent and no real funding. It was rough conditions but he found a way to make it work.

During the initial construction, he built 741 steps to get to the top of the mountain in order to work on the sculpture.  Below he had an old air compressor he used to power his drills and tools up above.  He talked about carrying 40 pounds on his back along with numerous other tools up those steps and having the compressor break down only to have to walk back down all 741 steps to restart the compressor and keep working.

He stated that each day he averaged at least 9 trips up and down the stairs. I guess he had no problem getting in his 10,000 steps every day.

He experienced other setbacks too -  equipment fell down the mountain, getting funding to keep the project going, and nasty storms that drove them off the mountain.

However, despite all this tribulation he kept going forward.

Why was this?

Because he had a VISION bigger than himself that kept driving him forward - no matter what challenge sprung up. That vision to honor the Native American people was so powerful that his grandkids are now keeping the work on this monument going.

Seeing someone with passion and vision is always so motivating for me.  It reminds me how a STRONG VISION and PURPOSE makes you unstoppable and you will do whatever it takes to see it through.

I needed this to remind me of my BIG PURPOSE / VISION for 2023 - to see 50 people transform their bodies and lives in 2023.  

I'm excited to say we are almost at 25 so far. But we know we have a lot more work to do.

The primary program we've used for this is our F.A.T. Method program.  This 8-week weight loss program has made it so much simpler for people to lose 10,15, 20 even 25 pounds in just 8 weeks.

The BEST part is they will have a nutrition plan that fits their lifestyle and they can keep going forward after the 8 weeks without having to jump on and off diets anymore.

We start our JUNE group today and you can still grab a spot!

Just reply to this email for an info packet on the program or go here to register.

I'll leave you with a couple of success stories from our last group if you are still on the fence.

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