Run Over The Rocks In Your Life

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Summertime is officially here in Minnesota. Everyone is outside doing all the outdoor things Minnesotans love to do....hiking, fishing, camping, boating.  

One of my favorite summertime activities is mountain biking.  I'm blessed to have Lebanon Hills, one of the top mountain bike courses in Minnesota, right by my house.  This course is a mountain biker's dream. Great trails, hills, tight switchbacks, and rocks...lots of rocks.

I've learned many lessons on my mountain biking journeys.  These trails not only make for a great workout, they challenge me mentally.

The hardest part in my opinion are the rock gardens. These are clusters of large rocks placed right smack dab in the middle of the trail.

Many people take the easy way out and get off their bikes to avoid them.  They let the fear of going over the rocks keep them from even trying.   

I like the challenge of trying to go through them.

These rocks have taught me a lesson - which can carry through many aspects of life:  if you are tentative or think too much you will end up getting knocked off your bike...or whatever life situation you may be in.

The best way to successfully run the rock garden is to pedal, keep pedaling and create momentum.   Your mountain bike is built to go over them.  Just like you are built to conquer life's challenges.

Consider these rocks life challenges.  Much like rocks in a mountain bike trail, there are challenges that come up in life.  Sure, these 'rocks' can paralyze you and keep you from getting off your "bike" as you do your best to avoid dealing with them.

But why not rise to the challenge?  The BEST way to overcome a life challenge is to pedal right at it and ride right over it.

Much like a mountain bike, you have the ability to smash through.  You just need to tap into your God given ability to conquer.

We are halfway through 2023. Where are you at with those goals you set at the beginning of the year?

Are you allowing the rocks to win?

Enough is enough!

Get on your bike and start pedaling.  Time to pedal through your challenges and put them behind you.

Is one of your "rocks" health related?

Are you carrying extra weight you can't shed?

Do you have nagging injuries hindering you?

Or do you seem to struggle with sticking to a plan?

We can help you run those rocks over.

If you have never worked with us or have not worked with us for a while then hit the button below to set up a SUCCESS Session. We will map out a path to blow through the rocks and get the results you want and deserve.

2023 can still be your year so let's go get it!

Dedicated to helping you pedal over your rocks,

Erik Peacock