Have You Hit A "Sand Bar" In Life?

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One of our favorite family activities is boating on the St. Croix river.  

It is a such a beautiful river with lush state parks on both sides.  

We were fortunate to get a day out there last Saturday.

The weather turned perfect for the afternoon and we headed up the river to some of the scenic river towns of Stillwater and Hudson.  

After beaching up the boat we headed back to the marina where we launch the boat. 

On the way back we were cruising along when suddenly the boat jerked and made a funny noise.

At first I thought something was wrong with the boat. But then I looked over the side and noticed we had hit an unmarked sand bar.

We were stuck. There was danger of losing the prop on the boat which would have rendered the boat helpless.

Luckily I was able to cut the motor in time and trim it up to prevent being lodged in the sand bar.

I restarted the boat with the motor trimmed up and we eased over the sand bar safely.

Isn't that how life goes sometimes?

You are just going along and then suddenly you hit a "sand bar."

  • A job loss

  • An injury or illness

  • A funk

  • A financial setback

  • A loss of focus

These "sand bars" are part of life that stop our health and fitness dead in it's tracks.

We can easily get stuck on them for long periods if we don't have a good plan to get free and keep moving.

Sometimes in these situations we need to "cut the engine" and rest then regroup.

Then make a plan to move forward and get off the "sand bar" and back on track with your health and fitness goals.

Tracy, have you hit a "sand bar" that has stalled out your health and fitness?

Do you need help getting your "boat" free  and moving forward?

Click the button below to set up a SUCCESS SESSION with me and we will figure out how to free your "boat" and get you on course again.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock