How To Not Let Circumstances Beat You!

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One of my old mentors used to say "your original intent was to drain the swamp but now you find yourself up to your armpits in alligators."

Can you relate?

I know I can.

In fact last Tuesday was one of those days.

I woke up with a great attitude. I was going to "kill it."

I had my daily plan ready to go and all my objectives outlined.  This was going to be the day I "drained my swamp" and took care of some 'messes.'

One of those "messes" was dealing with the IRS. They had sent me a notice regarding some documentation they needed. 

I thought, simple, right?  I keep good records, I file my problem.  

Not so much.

When I went to print the tax returns they wanted, none of the printers worked.  And, as I was running up and down the stairs from a printer that worked, I tweaked my knee.

After way too much time, I finally got the documents printed and I started thinking about what else was in the swamp.

I had to "referee" between people involved in my mom's care plan who were not seeing eye to eye and also deal with an unresolved insurance claim issue that needed attention.

I decided to hold off on draining those 'messes' because I still hadn't done my workout and I wanted to get it done before my next client or it wasn't happening. 

A voice in my head told me to skip my workout and let these things dominate my day.  For a moment I was tempted but I went ahead and did my workout anyway.

It wasn't a "kick ass" workout and no PRs were set but it got done.

I felt accomplished afterwards.


Because I did not give into my circumstances. Yes there were a lot of things pulling me in different directions but I did not let them dominate my day.

Since my workout is a BIG ROCK I was resolved to do it. Not just to stay in shape physically but also to keep me grounded mentally (a.k.a. sane).

It would have been really easy to give into these distractions and get off track. But I didn't. This was my BIG WIN for the day. 

You see, too often people never get ahead because they let their circumstances determine their course each day instead of the other way around.

The first challenge that comes up cancels the workout and/or the eating plan goes by the wayside.

If you are going to win in life, you have to rise above the distractions in life and stay on course. You have to do the things that really matter to you.

That is one reason I love fitness. It has taught me how to overcome circumstances and stay on course.

When I set fitness goals, there is always resistance that life throws at me to knock me off course. But I choose not to let them and always end up following through.

This has spilled over into other areas of my life and helped me develop the discipline needed to see things through in ALL areas of my life.

Getting a WIN in one area of life creates WINS in other areas of life.

Do you need a win?

Fitness is a great place to get that win.

I've seen several people not just lose weight and gain strength working with us, they also lose excuses and find discipline.

Let's get you that win.

The first step is to click the blue button below and set up a SUCCESS SESSION with me so we can map out a game plan to get you the win you want and deserve.

Let's go get it!

Erik Peacock