Your Muscles Aren't Tight They Are Weak!

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So often when we feel a tight muscle we default to stretching.  We've been told over and over, feel tight? Get stretched.

The problem is, the muscle never gets any looser and remains locked up.

What was it Albert Einstein said?  "The definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

Your muscles are governed by your central nervous system which prioritizes protection over performance.

As you age, you tend to challenge your muscles less and less. They get weaker and weaker.  

Starting at the age of 30, muscle mass can decrease 3-8% per decade and even more after the age of 60- if we do nothing to prevent it.

When we lose muscle we get weaker.  As a result, our joints and overall structure have less protection and support.

It creates a "threat" response.  

What is a "threat" response?  

Think of when you walk on ice or an unsteady surface.  Notice how you tense up because your body senses a fall risk.

This is essentially a threat response. 

Many people have gotten so weak that their bodies are in a constant threat response. Keeping muscles tense and guarded. 

No amount of stretching will fix this. In fact it can make it worse because stretching can remove the protection.

By strengthening your muscles you can get rid of the threat response and reduce the tension in the muscles.

Strength training just 2 days a week can be a game changer for range of motion and increased flexibility.

My client Bryan could not touch his toes for over 40 years.  After doing 2 months of consistent strength training, he now can and we hardly do any stretching in our sessions.

If you are sick of being tight and your stretching program is not working, maybe it's time for a new and BETTER strategy.  

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