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At the beginning of July, I got word that the dog belonging to a friend of one of my friends went missing.  He got spooked by fireworks while staying at a home other than his own and took off. 

I didn't know the owner, but my heart for dogs is larger than life and my dog Rosey had such a fear of fireworks she could barely leave the house on July 4.  This dog was lost in Burnsville, not far from where I live, so I knew I needed to help.

When I got to the location of his last sighting, I came across the owner and several other people searching for her dog.  Many people were driving slowly through the neighborhood passing out fliers and talking to anybody and everybody who was outside.  Other well meaning people were walking around calling out for him, shouting his name and whistling for him. 

My thought at this point was to CALL IN THE EXPERTS - The Retrievers. They are an all-volunteer team based in Minnesota offering the tools, experience and expertise to reunite people with their lost dogs.  

They map out the sightings, record the dog's whereabouts, set up feeding stations and trail cameras, and if necessary, use humane live traps to safely rescue and retrieve the dogs.   

Chasing, calling or yelling for a lost dog in fright mode is on the "never do" list when it comes to finding lost dogs.  Not everyone knows this though...which is why it was good to call in the experts. 

After 15 days, the sweet dog was safely rescued - by none other than The Retrievers! Their Facebook page has one success story after another of dogs who have been rescued because of people who called in the experts.  

We ALL need to call in the experts for one thing or another, don't we?  I have no idea how to fix a hole in my ceiling after a water leak so I called in the experts.  Come tax season, same story.  Call in the experts.  

Oftentimes people come to our gym looking to call in the experts.  They are seeking people with knowledge on how to develop a complete workout program that will keep them motivated and bring them positive results. Others are seeking accountability and strategies to keep them on track with nutrition and weight loss.   

If this is you, you are in luck.  Like The Retrievers, we have helped hundreds of people hit life transforming goals.  Check out some of our success stories right here.  

If you are ready to call in the experts, click the button below to schedule a FREE Success Session and let's chat about how we can get you on the path to retrieving your best self! 

Tracy Farrell