True Fitness is Like BINGO

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Years ago I had a very wise trainer named Chris Giesking.  It is no surprise he is now teaching at a local college because he was full of wisdom.

One of the coolest lessons he taught me was that fitness is like BINGO. 

B is your cardiovascular health

I is your strength

N is your flexibility

G is your core stability

O is your athleticism

He taught me to importance of covering all the letters on my "fitness bingo card."

Too many people end up being one dimensional when it comes to fitness.

Here are a few examples.

I have a client named Chris who ran marathons all the time.  He was in great cardiovascular condition but when I asked him to do a bodyweight squat he could only get a quarter of the way down.  It was no surprise when he threw out his back playing with his daughter.  

It was obvious he was lacking core stability and mobility, as well as strength.  

Another example is Mike.  A huge power lifter who could squat 1,000 pounds.  He was so immobile he would waddle up to the squat rack like a duck because his hips were so tight. Additionally, anytime he walked upstairs he would be sucking wind.

Very strong but zero flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.  

Being truly fit and in shape really means you cover all the areas of the  "BINGO card"

Being too strong in one area while others areas lack is not a good definition of in shape.

Balance is important even though you might need one area more depending on the types of activities you are drawn to.

I can hear Mr. Miyagi saying "balance Daniel-son" right now. 

Do you need to cover up some areas on your "fitness bingo" card?

As they say "you are only as strong as your weakest link."

If you have some weak links to shore up, hit the blue button below and let's get those letters covered up and yell "BINGO" when it comes to your fitness.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock