Are you committed or just "interested?"

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The first step to achieving massive success in any area of your life is COMMITMENT. 

Not just part of the way but ALL of the way.

The definition of COMMIT is to devote yourself completely.  Whether it be family, work or a specific goal such as fitness.

To steal the poker term you need to be "ALL IN."  Not partially in, as in testing the waters or finding reasons not to commit at a particular time.

But making a firm decision to do something.  

Once you're committed, you follow through with consistent actions towards that commitment.

Take marriage for example.  When you get married you commit. You don't spend your time looking around for another spouse. You pour your efforts into making your marriage the best it can be. You are ALL IN.

Too often with fitness there is no commitment. Just interest.

You are interested in seeing results but can't seem to stick to anything - or commit.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

You start a program.  You're all excited and ready to go and see something on Tik Tok or You Tube.  All of a sudden, you're switching to that program- until another one comes along.  You end up jumping from shiny object to shiny object and never getting any results.

Or - maybe the program is "too hard to follow"  or "too boring" so you quit doing it only to keep restarting and spinning your wheels over and over again while getting NOWHERE.

You can break out of this cycle. But you have to COMMIT.

At the beginning of the year most folks are ALL IN. But a few weeks in you see only a few people who are truly committed.

So which are you?

Committed or just interested?

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Dedicated to your 2023 breakthrough,

Erik Peacock