YouTube and TikTok are not the Answer

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Relying on online videos simply doesn't work as a solid workout strategy.

Case in point. A few weeks ago I was on a fishing trip and went to workout in the hotel gym.

One of my dad's friends was in there working out too.

He is disciplined and does online Beach Body workouts 5 times per week. He had signed up for an 8-week online plan where he followed streaming workouts.

The problem was, he wasn't getting the feedback he needed to ensure he was doing the exercises correctly.  For the vast majority of his workout, the exercises he was doing were being done with incorrect form.

I spent some time coaching him up and he was grateful because he could feel a BIG difference after I had made some corrections.

If you want to get the MOST out of your workouts you have to do things correctly.

Watching YouTube and TikTok videos for your "workout plan' doesn't work either. Just picking gimmicky workouts is a random approach and YOU CAN'T GET SPECIFIC RESULTS WITH A RANDOM APPROACH.

Honestly, the more videos you watch and people you follow the more confused you're gonna get because different gurus say different things.

Nothing beats having a live coach that knows you and will program specifically for your goals.  A live coach that doesn't give you a cookie cutter program.  A live coach that makes sure you are doing things right and continually getting the results you strive for.

If you are ready to invest in a program that is made for you and not the masses, then reply to this email or text me at 952-220-2448 to set up a SUCCESS SESSION.  We will sit down and come up with the BEST plan for YOU based on YOUR goals, not what TikTok or YouTube decides.

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock