Hit the RESET Button

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I remember back in 80s when I had my Atari 2600 video game console. My brother and I would sit for hours playing games. Pitfall was my favorite. I remember my brother and I walking into Target with a jar of coins we had accumulated from odd jobs so we could buy that game.

In Pitfall you were running through the jungle swinging over tar pits filled with crocodiles trying to eat you or avoiding natives shooting poison darts at you. There were a lot of dangerous things trying to take you out. Sometimes I would start out and fall into a tar pit or become crocodile food early in the game. When that happened I would hit the "reset" button and start the game again so I could  make better decisions and avoid the nasty things out to get me.

Losing weight can be like Pitfall. You are moving forward and making progress but fall into a "tar pit" where you lose motivation and momentum.

I always say that pursuing goals is a 2 step forward and 1 step back process. You take 2 steps forward eating well the vast majority of the time but then comes that period where life happens and you lose focus, motivation and allow bad habits to creep back in.

It's time to hit the RESET button and move 2 steps forward again. We have a great "RESET button" called the 5 DAY FAT LOSS CHALLENGE. It is designed to create order out of chaos with your nutrition and reinstate a culture of discipline in your life.

It includes:

  • 5 days of coaching emails and videos

  • A private Facebook group for support, education and encouragement

  • A kickstart exercise plan

  • One coaching call with one of our nutrition coaches

This is a $99 value but we are doing it for FREE.

All you have to do hit the RESET button and restart your "fat loss game" is reply to this email and we will get you in and back on track with your fitness goals.