Curve Ball of the Day - It's Too Hot To Run!

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I was a runner for about 25 years. Marathons, half marathons, 10 mile, 10K and 5K races filled my calendar for years. Race numbers border the ceiling in my office and fill the walls in my garage. My legs have covered a lot of ground in Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as on the streets south of the river. When I drive to my mom and dad's house I smile with memories of running "way over there."

The Twin Cities Marathon was on the calendar yesterday. Known as The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America...this always falls on the first Sunday in October. For 41 years that has been the case. This time of year is absolutely perfect for a marathon - especially in Minnesota. Blue skies, crisp cool temps and colorful leaves are among the many, many highlights along the 26.2 mile course.

Marathon weekend is my favorite time of year! Although I no longer lace up my shoes to run, I know the course like the back of my hand. Now my job on Marathon Day is to cheer on the runners as loud as I can!

Yesterday was no different: wake up before the sun, get my bike ready to go and set up the marathon app to track my runners. First thing I saw on the app?

Races canceled.

I read it again.

10/1. Marathon and 10 mile races canceled due to black flag condition.

Extreme heat.

Oh my. Tough call. Curve ball thrown.

If you are a runner you know the time, energy and commitment that goes into training for long distance races. You know the mental game. You know the reason for your race, the setbacks and the blessings. Your training started 5 months ago (at least) and your heart and soul have been focused on this one particular day with great anticipation. The race is your victory lap after all of that hard work.

Races canceled. Extreme heat conditions.

If I was running, I would have been torn. Major disappointment on one hand... huge sigh of relief on the other. I'm sure there were plenty of mixed emotions.

Running is great exercise. Excitement fills the air on race day - especially marathon race day! But when the conditions are such that it becomes a health risk...for that many people... then the tables turn. The mindset shifts. The thoughts change.

Not worth it.

There will be other races...other chances for that PR.

God was protecting the runners, spectators and volunteers.

And then comes gratitude.

Mindset in check.

This happens so much in our lives, doesn't it?

Curve balls are thrown at us every day. What do we do?

I've been there. I've run a marathon in excessive heat and it wasn't pretty. My calf cramped up at mile 16 and by mile 19 the other one joined. I managed to walk (hobble) the rest of the way (thanks to beauty all around and my cell phone) but after I finished, the blisters on my feet were the size of quarters. And I still I had to get to the car!

Yesterday my spectator self was torn as well. It was Marathon Day. I always go watch the marathon on Marathon Day! I had a hunch there'd still be people on the race course and it was a great day for a bike ride. What we saw when we got to St. Paul was heartwarming.

Some runners were running - race numbers on. People were biking - right alongside their runner. Cowbells were ringing and voices were cheering. Cookie Monster was handing out cookies! Neighbors were taking care - offering water, ice, donuts and more words of encouragement. Sprinklers were set up in the street here and there to cool them down. A finish line crowd had gathered with signs all around, high fives, and voices that carried each time another runner came down the hill. Despite the curve ball, everyone we saw was smiling.

Yesterday was a day of unexpected changes, choices at hand and decisions to make. Let us help the race go on for you. Click the link below to schedule a Complimentary Success Session and let's chat!

Cheering for you!

Tracy Farrell