How I Deadlifted 500 Pounds!

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This past week I hit a BIG goal. 

I deadlifted 500 pounds!  At age 51!

When I think of the journey to get there I think of 2 Chronicles 15:7

"But you, take courage! Do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded.”

Hitting goals are always sweet but the things you learn along the way are even sweeter.

Here are three key things I learned on my journey to lifting 1/4 ton off the floor.

#1 - How you think and speak matters most

You first have to win the battle in your mind then you can win the battle with your body. I had 100% belief I could accomplish this goal even though folks were saying things like "you shouldn't lift heavy" or "you're too old." Even thoughts within your own mind such as "I could never do that" can have you losing the battle.   Take those thoughts captive and replace them with your vision.

Having a strong vision and visualizing it over and over in my mind was key to seeing this goal through.

I also focused on using powerful speech like "I will" and "I can" versus "I'll try" and "I hope." Your brain can only do what you tell it to, so focus on telling it what you can and will do.  I also made a point to listen to things that build me up and to hang out with the right people. 

You can't soar with eagles if you fly with buzzards.

#2 - Develop a smart training plan

When going after big goals you need a plan. It's a destination you have never been to, so your brain needs a route much like when you plan a trip and use your GPS. You cannot just hope and wish. There has to be an effective plan of execution that progresses week by week towards your goal. My plan consisted of a progression of strength lifts over weeks to gradually work me up to the weights I needed. I also had a great mobility and recovery plan to keep my joints healthy because if I would have injured myself the journey would have come to a screeching halt.

Finally a good training plan breaks a BIG goal into smaller steps to make it more attainable and digestible. This is key to staying on track and focused.

#3 - Set an environment of success

To be honest there were many days I did not feel like lifting heavy weights.  To combat this, I had triggers that would get my brain out of lazy mode and into kick ass mode. I put on my favorite hair band and grunge music and wore shirts with scriptures on them on the days I lifted to get my mind into a championship training mode. Many people use the excuse "I am not motivated" as a reason to skip out on executing key steps towards their goals. Motivation is a myth! You have to put things in place to create motivation not just wait for it to magically appear.

Going for a BIG goal puts purpose and meaning back in our lives.

Instead of just existing we start living again. Hitting the goal is awesome but it is who we become in the process that really matters.

An added bonus is that the drive and grit we use to get there flows over into other key areas of our lives.  

So what BIG goal do you want to accomplish?

Use the three tips above to get there and if you need help designing a plan, hit the blue button below and let's get you set up for success.

2023 is not over it can still be your BREAKTHROUGH year so go seize it!

Dedicated to your BIG goals,

Erik Peacock