My Favorite Color is Fall!

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There are blessings about every season in Minnesota, but FALL is by far my favorite. The marathon. The cooler temperatures. Shorts and sweatshirts. Crisp cool mornings and warm afternoons. No mosquitos. The trees. And more trees. Beautiful vibrant colors everywhere you look. Eye catching leaves on trees. Crunchy leaves carpet the ground. School buses, kids at recess, people walking dogs, apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and excellent photo opportunities. The list goes on.

I saw a saying once that said "The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go."

I like that imagery. It takes me back to teaching kindergarten.

5 year olds have big emotions. Very important little things matter in big ways at that age. They are learning how to deal with all sorts of emotions. I liked using a tennis ball to illustrate how we can let little things go. It went like this:

I'd hold a tennis ball on my head. It represented the emotion - let's say anger - (someone took the exact pencil I wanted). That anger could stick around with me all day and let other little things boil over... OR... I could talk about it and let it go. Then I'd let go of the tennis ball and we'd watch it roll to the other side of the room. Still representing the anger...we noticed where it was. It was way far away. It was no longer attached to me. It was gone! I could go on with my day because I let that go. This was usually followed by big eyes and bright smiles as they just learned something new!

How lovely it is to let things go...especially the little things that carry a lot of weight.

Much like the trees.

When I walked my puppy the other day, I watched leaves fall from trees. For every leaf that fell, I thought about letting go. Night time snacking is my current situation so I flipped it into powerful language and told myself "I don't need snacks at night." "I can stay out of the kitchen at night." "I have self control at night" It was a pretty windy day and the leaves just kept falling. I discovered many ways to let go of this bad habit.

What to you need to let go? Or what do you need to get control of? Maybe it's nighttime eating. Maybe it's having wine with dinner every night. Maybe it's hitting the snooze button and skipping your morning workout. Maybe it's having candy every day. We all have something don't we?

Here's where we can help!

We are starting another FREE 5 Day Challenge today. This is designed to create a culture of discipline with your nutrition. You can do it from anywhere. Our coaches are ready to help you take ground, let go of habits that don't serve you well, and create some that will. There's an instructional video and email each of the 5 days, a kickstart workout plan and a personal coaching call, along with a private Facebook Group for support and encouragement. It's a great introduction to our 8 Week F.A.T Method program where people are breaking through their weight loss goals right and left.

Ready to let go of something? Ready to take action? We kick off the FREE 5 Day Challenge TONIGHT at 7:30 PM with a ZOOM meeting. There are just a few spots left. Reply YES to this email to grab one of those remaining spots and we'll get you set up.

Before we know it, the trees will be bare. Let your time be now!

Tracy Farrell