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I am a lifelong Vikings fan.

There have been a lot of ups and downs as well as disappointments throughout the years (please don't mention the 1998 NFC championship game), but I continue to cheer them on regardless of what kind of season they're having.

Last Sunday might have been one of the BEST Vikings games I ever watched.

Their starting quarterback, star receiver AND talented left tackle were all injured. They didn't play.  A rookie quarterback was slated to start the game and many backups were called up to play.  It did not look good for the Vikings.

After just two series into the game the rookie quarterback got hurt trying to run for a touchdown.  

Now, it looked even worse.

Enter Josh Dobbs. He had only been on the team for 5 days. He didn't know the playbook and had not practiced with the starters.

Things started badly.  On his very first series he got sacked for a safety. AND, the #2 receiver got knocked out of the game.  Wait, it gets better. The Vikings top running back also got injured and was out of the game. 

Honestly, part of me thought they were screwed.  Half the starting team was now on the bench. I thought there's no way to execute an offense now.

Then something magical happened. 

They started to make plays. The new quarterback started to run which proved effective. Other players stepped up and made plays. 

It came down to a final drive where the unknown, brand new quarterback, Josh Dobbs had to lead the team to a touchdown in order to win the game.

They drove down the field and stalled inside the other team's territory at 4th and 7. Things were not looking good.  

But Josh Dobbs did it.  

Faced with letdowns and adversity, he managed to avoid a sack and scrambled for a big 22 yard run. The crowd went wild. It was an amazing play. And then... beauty! He followed that up with a game winning touchdown pass to a 4th string receiver.

Despite the prior adversity and setbacks, the Vikings had found a way to win. They showed their intestinal fortitude and resolve in this game.

Now I know Josh Dobbs and the Vikings are professional players who are paid to overcome setbacks and adversity. But there's a great lesson in all of this.

Maybe your 2023 has felt like this particular game filled with setbacks, letdowns and adversity.  Maybe you're feeling the year has been really tough, so why fight it out in this last 6 weeks of the year- maybe I'll just wait it out and start the new year fresh.  

Take a lesson from the Vikings.  You still can WIN.  Champions show up no matter when the season or what the adversity.  We are all CHAMPIONS.

What would be your "game winning touchdown" to finish the year? Lose 10 pounds? Hit a personal record in the gym? Do your first 5K?

Reply to this email and let me know.

Let's design your game plan for your winning drive, score a touchdown and finish this year STRONG.

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Dedicated to your "touchdown drive"

Erik Peacock