Put Yourself In Lockdown - Part 2

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Last week I talked about doing an honest review and assessment of 2023 as a crucial first step to setting goals in the upcoming year.

Hopefully you have had time to do this since last week's email.


You can't put the cart before the horse!

It's important to know where your weak areas are and address them or you will continually spin your wheels.

Moving forward without fixing these issues is like trying to fill up a bucket with holes in it.

Once you have that crucial data you can start looking at 2024 and how you will move forward in ALL areas of your life.

The BEST way to set goals is to identify your yearly goals and work backwards to identify the quarterly and monthly goals needed to achieve the end result.

Another key to a successful 2024 is to make sure ALL your goals have a strong purpose behind them.   

Without a strong purpose they will fizzle out -guaranteed.  Your purpose is the fuel that will keep you going under tough circumstances. For example, if you want to lose weight and your WHY is solid you will get up and go to the gym even if it is cold and dark. If not, the snooze button will get worn out.

Lastly, come up with a simple and tight action plan.  Define 1-4 things you can do consistently over and over to keep moving forward.

Too often people write a book here and overwhelm themselves.

One of my BEST clients who lost 30 pounds in 6 months had these simple action steps.

  1. Strength training 3x/week

  2. Get in 8,000 steps on average daily

  3. Fill out food log 6/7 days

She was able to focus and do these things consistently and it led to phenomenal results with her fitness. She had a well defined GOAL and STRONG PURPOSE along with a concise ACTION PLAN. 

If you have these three things you will have SUCCESS in any area you want to improve.

Yes, it is mental work and takes extra time but breakthrough years and success do not happen by osmosis.

Do the work and get the results!

Once again I've attached the BEST LIFE E-book for you to use to guide you through this process and make 2024 your breakthrough year.

Dedicated to your success,

Erik Peacock