To Do or To Be

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I've got an interesting thought for you today.  

"To do" or "To be."  

We all tend to go through our days with a "To Do" list.  Executing tasks all throughout the, home...some of them just mindless busy work that's not really serving a purpose in our lives. 

It's a wonder we tend to feel empty and unfulfilled at the end of each day.

What if we changed our thinking....what if our "to do" list becomes a "to be" list.  A list all about how we want to be and why.

This is truly much more powerful.

In 2024, I'm committing to shift from just knocking out all goals to doing things that will reinforce who I want TO BE.

Here are a few of my examples.

I want TO BE a good ambassador for Jesus Christ.  So my TO DO list includes:

  • Perform outreach / evangelism 2x/month minimum

  • Conduct one men's faith training each month

  • Disciple 8 men

  • Do a weekly volunteer activity (high school group, prayer team, single mom support)

I want TO BE an awesome husband.  So my TO DO list includes:

  • Date my wife 2x/month

  • Have a getaway each quarter

  • Meet weekly to communicate on finances and schedules

  • Pray together 3x/week

I'm committed to improvement and being better in ALL areas of my life. But I know better doesn't happen by osmosis.  In order to be intentional about your TO BE, I suggest following this simple 3 step process - it's the same one I use to focus me and keep me on track.

  1. Have a vision for each part of your life (marriage, business, physical fitness, spiritual, friends, mental, financial)

  2. Create an effective action plan for each area. Don't write a book. What are 2-5 things you can do consistently to keep you moving forward?

  3. Block time in your calendar for the action steps. What gets scheduled gets done. Fitting it in NEVER works.

Want to join me in my 2024 commitment?  Would you like to BE more, not just DO more?

If part of your "TO BE" list involves getting in better shape or losing some weight, hit the blue button below and set up a Success Session with me. Together, we will come up with a realistic and effective game plan for you.

I hope this blesses you and we chat soon.

Dedicated to your success in 2024!

Erik Peacock