Are You "Bearing Fruit" In The Gym?

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Back when I worked at the big corporate gym there was a guy named Dan.

He baffled me.

I worked there for 9.5 years and he did the EXACT SAME routine over and over and over again.

Nothing ever changed for Dan. Including the way he looked. He always did the same exercises, sets, and reps. Again and again and again.

I wanted to pull my hair out.

What's the big deal?  Why do I care?

Because I just can't understand how you do something and do not strive to improve in it. Why would you put so much time into something only to go....NOWHERE.

I hear the term "maintenance" all the time. I honestly hate that term. It's weak.

As one of my old coaches used to say: "There is no such thing as maintenance. Maintenance means you are coasting and coasting means you are going downhill."

A core value at my business and in my personal life is the Japanese word KAIZEN. It means constant steady improvement.

Routine is good but does that routine produce "fruit" a.k.a. improvement?

So many people go to the gym but fail to ever change. Every day is like the movie "Groundhog Day."

What should you do then if you are stuck in a rut like this?

Here are 3 ways to get your routine to produce fruit again and keep you motivated and see results.

  1. Change your routine often - Like rotating your tires on your car, changing exercises and your program prevents overuse

    injuries and give your body fresh stimulus to adapt to so you see your body continue to change.


  2. Progress every workout - Another key way to keep your body changing for the better is to get better every workout. Add more

    reps, lift more weight or do more sets. A good program has a progression built in so once again your body is forced to

    keep getting stronger and transforming.


  3. Do things that "scare" you. Too often we play it safe and do the easy exercises avoiding big lifts like squats, deadlifts

    and pull ups. Learning to do these exercises creates a more efficient nervous system and adds more overall body strength

    and function. The hardest exercises get the best results. You don't have to max them out but doing them proficiently

    creates a transfer effect that helps you do things like golf, skiing, and other activities that require athleticism and coordination.

Having these three things gives your routine life and bears fruit.

When is the last time you...

  • Hit a BIG goal?

  • Pushed yourself?

  • Set a new personal record?

It's time to start seeing fruit with the time you spend in the gym. Implement the strategies above and watch what happens.

You can have a whole new body in 90 days. This can be your breakthrough year so go SEIZE it!

You weren't meant to play small. So don't!

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock