If the Queen Isn't Happy, No One Is

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When I was a kid, there were several things around the house we just did. If you ate the last pop-tart, you wrote it on the grocery list. If something fell to the floor, you picked it up. Coats went on the hooks, not on the table. When you drove dad's car, you put the seat all the way back before you got out. You replaced the gas before bringing the car home. If mom was napping on the couch, everything could wait. When you left the table, you pushed in the chair. Dishes went straight to the dishwasher, not the sink... Etc.etc. etc.

Back then these things felt like rules. They probably had to be or they wouldn't have gotten done.

Now I see the logic. Common sense. Everybody pitches in. Little things go a long way... especially for those who are running the ship.

At some point along the way, my mom came across a saying that has stuck with our family: If the Queen isn't happy, no one is.

Maybe you can relate.

Moms have a tendency to put everyone else's needs before their own. They take time for themselves after all the kids are taken to their activities or appointments, meals are cooked, laundry is done, errands are run and the dog is walked. For many, that's about 10 minutes before bed because exhaustion sets in. It might even be less if sick kids or job stress is added to the mix. 5 minutes peace would be a gift!

Whenever I find myself in that boat, I check my SELF CARE. What kinds of things am I doing to take care of myself? If I'm feeling overwhelmed, chances are the SELF CARE dial if way off.

And sometimes reminders come via email.

Last week a SELF CARE CHECK IN showed up in my inbox. Designed by the Passion Planner Team, I figured there was a reason it appeared, so I checked it out. There were several areas to reflect upon:

  • A movie you love

  • A satisfying meal

  • A hobby you enjoy

  • A grounding habit

  • A form of exercise or movement

  • A comforting song

  • 5 affirmations that resonate with you

  • Your biggest strength and how it can be used

  • Who or what makes your life meaningful and why

It also included a SELF CARE REFLECTION. This pinpoints some feelings and the importance of taking care of yourself. I found it to be useful and the timing was perfect.

Several years ago, my mom gifted us with a small picture frame she designed herself. Each contained the message It's Good To Be Queen. All of us, including her, have placed it where we can see it daily. For me it's one of many reminders to take care of myself so I can take care of others.

Is exercise a form of self care for you? Do you have a plan to keep you motivated and without injury? Is good nutrition a form of self care for you? Do you have a program to follow and a coach to keep you accountable? If not, click the blue button below and let's chat!

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Tracy Farrell