Turn Your "I Can't" Into "I Can"

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Too often people sell themselves short or let limiting beliefs stop them in their tracks.

I love this passage from Proverbs 18:21: "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." 

As you put limitations on yourself, you are really speaking death over yourself.

When it comes to getting in shape, I hear these 2 statements a lot:

  • "I can't get up in the morning to workout."

  • "I can't eat healthy because I'm too busy."

It's time to get real and quit BSing ourselves.  It's time to realize "I can't" really means "I won't."

I'll use the two statements above as examples.

  •  "I WON'T workout in the morning because I stay up too late watching TV so it's really hard to wake up."

Or the other one..

  • "I WON'T take time to plan and prepare healthy meals for the week so I default to grab and go options which aren't the best choices. "

See how the responsibility shifts?

We have a choice.

When we realize "I can't" really means "I won't," we can take control and turn them into "I can" statements.

  • "I CAN get up and workout if I go to bed by 10:00."

  • "I CAN prep and plan healthy meals if I make time to shop over the weekend so I have good food choices available to me during the week when my schedule is hectic."

Here are some hard truths I have learned from coaching people for almost 30 years.

  • If something is TRULY important to you, you will find a way to make it happen.

  • Excuses do not get results.

  • Everyone has 24 hours a day.  We all get to decide how to spend it.  

  • Transformation is not easy. It requires you giving something to get something.

If you're tired of saying "I can't" and are ready to say "I can," hit the blue button below and let's talk

Dedicated to your results,

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness