Playing It Safe Is Dangerous

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Proverbs 22:13: The lazy man says, "there is a lion without, I shall be killed in the streets."

Too often we let the imaginary "lions" in our life keep us in the "playing it safe" zone.

Playing it safe is one of the riskiest things we can do.

I can't think of many worse things than being 3, 5...10 years down the road and seeing ZERO progress in life.

We were not created to be mediocre. But unfortunately many people choose to stay in the "safe zone."

Yes, comfortable but NOT fulfilling.

My wife Kymn works as an occupational therapist in a local school district. Her gifts and talents are working with kids with autism and special needs. She has always wanted to go overseas and use her talents in a country lacking such resources.

The opportunity came when she was picked by her school district to go to Cambodia and experience her dream.

She had to apply and write an essay telling why she should be among the final group of 5 to go.

She made the cut and was selected to go. However, we had to foot the bill for an expensive flight and it would require her to be gone for 2 weeks right in the middle of our daughter's club volleyball season. In addition, she suffers from occasional panic attacks from feeling trapped.

The trip would really stretch her out of her comfort zone since she would be on a plane for over 20 hours and stay in tiny hotel rooms.

There was a moment where she started to get cold feet and question whether she should still go. All the legitimate reasons to bail surfaced right before the trip.

  • We can't afford it

  • It's too long to be gone

  • What if I have a panic attack?

  • What if I suffer from heat exhaustion?

As we talked through it, I reiterated that the "what ifs" and "should haves" would haunt her the rest of her life if she didn't go.

She pulled it together and is currently in Cambodia fully embracing a life changing experience. I'm excited to hear her stories when she gets home.

How often do we play it safe only to miss out on living our BEST lives because of a "play it safe" mindset?

When it comes to workouts, if they aren't challenging you they get boring.  "Playing it safe" leads to boredom, which leads to stagnation and then...nothing...

Boredom is a BIG reason people quit working out.

And one other thing...I hate the word maintain. There is no maintain. Maintain means you are coasting and coasting means you are going downhill.

You are either getting better or worse.

Is it time to step it up and get better?

We are running an 8-week SPRING INTO SUMMER challenge that will get you out of your comfort zone with your fitness program. Here is a quick video to explain more. Watch it here.

If you are tired of playing it safe and ready to get comfortable being uncomfortable, grab your sport by going here.

Dedicated to helping you go to the next level,

Erik Peacock

Puravida Fitness