Tear Down The Strongholds in Your Life

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Ever hear the saying "your mind is a battlefield?"  It's so true, and something we all fight everyday. 

I say, win the battle in your mind and you'll win the battle with your body.

Those thoughts that keep you stuck from achieving the health and fitness results you want are really mental strongholds.

A stronghold is a secure place where armies can plan, strategize and attack then retreat back to their safety.

Your negative and self-limiting thoughts camp out here and attack you every time you try to move forward and succeed.

Unfortunately, we allow these strongholds to control our lives. But in reality, we have the ability to overcome them.  

Let's be honest, letting them stay is easier, right?

You never conquer what you don't confront.

Meet Sarah. 

Sarah had just lost her father and was also dealing with herniated discs.  She decided enough was enough. She was going to break out of her 'mental stronghold' so she walked into our gym. We gave her a strategy and plan, and she got after it with the support and guidance of our team.  

She chose not to let her challenging situations conquer her.

Sarah had tried to get in shape in the past but had failed so could have easily let her injuries and grief keep her down.

But she didn't.

Check out her picture above.

Here is what she had to say :

I was in such a dark spot mentally after losing my dad. I joined the FAT Method program and started training 3 days a week. Nearly 12 weeks later, not only have I lost 25 pounds, but my mental and physical strength is 10-fold better and for that I am forever grateful. I am off my blood pressure medicine, my nutrition has improved drastically, and my recent bloodwork showed my A1c and other markers in the “normal range”."

So what do you need to confront and conquer?

What strongholds are you allowing in your life??

  • A bad back or knee that you say will never get better?  You've come to believe it's "just the way it is," but the truth is if you strengthen the surrounding muscles, it could be dramatically better.

  • The extra weight you tell yourself won't come off?  You believe you've "tried everything" or your "metabolism is broken?" when the reality is you've been inconsistent on your nutrition habits and have not put the time in to change them.

  • The exercise program you keep saying you want to do but don't? You use the excuse of being "too busy" for not doing it when the reality is your free time is spent watching TV and scrolling social media. 

These are just some common reasons I see people use.  They are complete BS because we have the success stories to prove that these strongholds are beatable. Just click here to see the success stories of Sarah and others we have helped with bad backs, broken metabolisms, and busy schedules.

Is it time for some demolition?

Let's tear down those strongholds in your minds and get you on the path to transforming your body and your life so you can see the results you want and deserve.

Hit the blue button below and let's set up a SUCCESS SESSION to get the demolition started.

Dedicated to helping you demolish your strongholds,

Erik Peacock