Are You Powerful or Powerless?

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"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." Romans 8:37

Just the other day I had an intense conversation with a close family member who constantly complains and feels sorry for themselves. It's always someone else's fault and they never move forward.

It's excuse after excuse followed by blame after blame.

They were acting as if they were "powerless" and playing the victim card.  It was time for some tough love.  Truth is, this BS mindset is keeping them stuck and they couldn't even see it.

The difference between success and failure is black and white.  You are either POWERFUL or powerless

Powerless people constantly complain and blame. They always seem to be having some crisis or trial.

Powerless people see themselves as "victims" never "conquerors" as God intended them to be.

Being around them can be like listening to a depressing country song over and over again.

"I'll try" (I hate that word)..."I can't"..."I have to"...."It's (fill in the blank)'s fault..." tolerance level for this kind of behavior is slim to none.  

I choose Power.

A POWERFUL person realizes no person or circumstances has control over them.

PowerFUL people take 100% responsibility for themselves, their happiness, their successes and their losses.

PowerFUL people live with an "I choose to"..."I will"..."I can"... "I am"... mentality.

Tracy, have you been paying attention to your own language?

Have you been a POWERFUL CONQUEROR or a powerless victim?

It's your choice.  It's your choice in relationships, business and of course, your health.

Will 2021 can be your year to throw out the excuses and conquer those health and fitness goals once and for all?

Take the power back by replying to this email and I will connect with you to set up a time to talk about a winning battleplan to make you POWERFUL.

Dedicated to making 2021 your BEST year ever,