How A Strong WHY Saved My Dad's Life

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"The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life."  John 10:10

Life can steal your joy.

Age, injuries, stress, and mental health issues are all thieves of joy.

Your big "WHY" is important in EVERYTHING you do.

If it's not there, your motivation will only carry you so far.  Eventually you will quit or backslide which leads to a mediocre life at best not the rich and satisfying life you deserve.

Here's a story of how knowing your "WHY" is essential if you want to see success.

Three years ago my dad lost feeling in his legs after a fall.

I work in the same building as a chiropractor and I thought he just needed an adjustment. 

After multiple adjustments, he continued to deteriorate.  Even after 2 MRIs we still didn't know what was wrong with him.

He was walking with a walker and couldn't go anywhere because he was at a high risk to fall.

My dad has always been a "tough guy."  He was a city champ wrestler and a notorious bar room brawler in Minneapolis.

All that toughness had turned into fear because he didn't know what was wrong with him.

Finally a third MRI revealed a benign tumor in the middle of his spine.

Surgery was scheduled and completed giving him the feeling back in his legs.  But he had lost a lot of strength.

It was late October and we were right in the middle of hunting season.

My dad is a diehard hunter.

He feels connected to God when he's in the outdoors and it fills up his soul.

For the first time in 60 years he was going to miss the deer hunting opener.  This is one of our "superbowls" of hunting.  I could tell it was killing him to watch all of us head out for the woods while he sat back in the cabin.

For my dad the writing was on the wall -  he either had to get better or hunting was done....FOR LIFE!

As soon as he got back he decided to take action. He started training with me. He knew if he didn't he would be done hunting, need to sell his house and move into assisted living.  

That would literally have killed him. Without hunting he would be a lost soul.

After just a few dedicated months of training, he saw significant improvements.  His balance came back and he was walking without the walker.  Best of all he was able to start doing some hunting.

I'm proud to say by spring not only was he ready for our turkey hunting trip in the Black Hills, he also shot the first turkey and was able to crawl under a barbed wire fence to retrieve it.

Pretty good for an 80 year old who was using an old person's walker just a few months prior.

How did he go from using a walker to hunting in the Black Hills in just a few short months?

Was it a miracle?

None of the above.  It was simply that he knew his "WHY" and it was powerful enough to force him to take the necessary actions.

What's your WHY?

Is it clear?

Does it fire you up enough to want to take action?

If not, then you need to keep going until it does.

Once you have your WHY, let's chat and talk about the HOW.  Just reply to this email or text me direct at 952-220-2448.

Committed to your success,

Erik Peacock