How Turkey Hunting is Like Hitting Goals

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I just got back from our annual turkey hunting trip to the Black Hills so timing is perfect to resend this one to you guys.

Turkey hunting isn't as easy as people might think since you see them all over the place.  You have to wear a lot of camouflage and be really still since wild turkeys have great eye sight.  With turkey hunting, you have to make a plan to try and put yourself in the best position for success. Many times it doesn't always work out.  

There have been many times I've been turkey hunting and had a great opportunity to get one but my plans fell apart. Either the turkeys we were stalking did something unexpected or I missed the shot or the turkey saw me.  A lot of my turkey hunts involved crawling on my stomach through the woods or chasing them through the rain. Yes it can be very frustrating at times, but also very rewarding since it is such a challenge. When you get one, it makes it that much sweeter.

That is why turkey hunting reminds me of chasing a tough goal. Sometimes you can lay out the best plans and they don't always go the way you intended. Sometimes the process can be frustrating and you want to quit.  But there is nothing like hitting a big goal, especially one you had to struggle and work for. There is something special about the ones that cost blood, sweat and tears.

I know one of the funny things about turkey hunting is that things can turn around in your favor quickly.  A few years ago when I was hunting, I missed an easy shot and was beating myself up over it.  

Then I had another opportunity slip by me.

The self doubt was starting to creep in on me.

 Then we went on a drive and I got onto some turkeys and was able to make a difficult shot to get my turkey. So I missed the easy one and hit the hard shot.

Either way, the end result was the same -  I bagged my wild turkey for the hunt.  Just when things look hopeless, sometimes that is the point where you are about have a big turn around. So don't quit.

I'm sure you will probably never go turkey hunting but the point is this: wherever you are at, don't quit.  See the goal through. You will never know what could have been if you quit.

Are you stuck?  If you are struggling with a goal right now and thinking of scrapping it, realize you are not alone.

In a funk from all this coronavirus stuff?

I want to help.

Just reply to this email or call me direct at (952) 220-2448 to set up a success session.  We can get you pointed back in the right direction so you too can bag your "turkey" a.k.a. your big goal in 2021.

Have a great day!

Erik Peacock