Lessons From The Offensive Line

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"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid." Proverbs 12:1

This past weekend I went back to my alma mater - Minnesota State University - for my annual Homecoming football game trip with my buddies.

Every year, the memories come rushing back to me of the days when I played on that field. (Cue up the song Glory Days).

My college football experience had a BIG role in shaping who I am today.  It humbled me, challenged me and taught me the process of setting BIG goals and seeing them through.

I walked on and had to earn a scholarship and starting position. This was no easy task as college coaches will always give the nod to scholarship guys since they have money invested into them.

At the college level everyone is good.  There were no cream puffs so I had to bring my A-game every week.

Without proper coaching and discipline, I would have been the cream puff.  

Many of the lessons my coaches taught me about football, hold true in fitness as well.  For example:  

1. Technique means everything- Proper footwork and technique were most important.  For example, if you didn't take the proper first step you were screwed and likely to get beat or miss an assignment.   In fitness, make a misstep and you'll likely get injured.  

2. Always keep your feet moving- Once you engage with an opposing player you must keep your feet moving or you'll get run over or thrown aside.  Movement is just as important in life.  Your daily fitness movement increases your chances of not being run over by some illness or injury.  

3.  Study your gameplan- Before each game we had to know what defensive fronts we would face and how to adjust to them. Our coach actually made us take written tests so he knew we completely understood our blocking assignments in any situation.  Anyone going to the gym without a plan is wasting their time.  Know EXACTLY what your gameplan will be before you hit the gym. Don't just focus on weights, sets, and reps but also tempos, rest periods and how to execute each exercise properly. And NEVER make it up as you go along.   Having the structure and knowhow to put together a program that meets your goals is what will win the game for you.

4. If you mess up don't wallow - I never made 100% of my assignments. There were times I messed up but I couldn't sit and wallow in it.  I had to get back in the huddle and run the next play.   Much like a blown assignment or busted play there will be times you miss workouts, overeat, or just plain lack motivation.  But don't wallow. Get back in the "huddle" and run another play.  Fitness is all about consistency and not perfection.

Are you familiar with these lessons ?

Are you ready to play the fitness game like an all-pro offensive lineman?

With the proper discipline and reproof (feedback) anything is possible for you.

We have coaches that will show you how to get it done the right way.  They have the knowledge, they provide the discipline, and they understand the necessary corrections (or 'reproof') to move you forward.

Reply to this email to set up a complimentary success session and we will come up with a winning gameplan to get you on a touchdown drive to the results you want and deserve.

Dedicated to your success,

Erik Peacock