Top Five Things To Look For When Choosing A Personal Trainer

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Running a gym through the pandemic was likely the toughest thing that we worked on. There were various challenges with getting through the process, and most of our clients could no longer come in and had to work remotely.

At the start of the pandemic, we were considering working remotely and embracing the virtual platforms. There were constant changes with the system, and we were unsure if we should stay shut for some time. We wanted to ensure that our clients were safe and felt safe through the pandemic, especially if they were considering coming in to get exercise. The flipside was that everyone needed exercise, especially after spending more than a year at home. Now with the restrictions raised, it made the process significantly better and easy. We have a lot more people coming to our gyms now. We function five days a week and have Saturdays open only through appointments because many people cannot make it for their sessions during the week.

We heard that many of our clients were picking the closest gym to them for a convenient time at the gym, but the challenge is that they had to find a reputable one if they wanted to see the best results. When it comes to picking a gym or a personal trainer, which is doubly important, people are unsure of the process and work with the first person they see. We began documenting a few steps to allow people to get the best personal trainer to see the best possible results. These are some of the steps that they can follow.

1. They have an accredited certification
Many certifications are bogus, and people can obtain them with ease. Good organizations to look for are ACSM, NASM, ACE, NSCA, or if they are a certified athletic trainer. Other than going through the certificates they already have, you should consider understanding where they got them and the process they followed. Additionally, you have to make sure of their qualifications when getting through and understand where they studied. The last thing you want as a client is to pay for someone who went through half an online course.

2. They do what they say they can do
They could know about the entire process and the execution, but can they handle it? Simply meaning, do they exercise, or do they only have actual success stories from when others went through the process? A good personal trainer should have testimonials and success stories to prove that their program works. Understand their past clients and review if everything that they are saying has some credibility. Some places promise the best results, but when it comes to showing up and working on those targets, they usually fall short.

3. They look the part
They do not need washboard abs and 20-inch biceps but do they look like they work out? In my opinion, there is nothing worse than an out-of-shape personal trainer. “Do as I say, not as I do” doesn’t fly in this profession. When you are working with a trainer, they would have specific rules that they would follow, a diet that they would not break, and so on. If you have a trainer who does not look the part, you have to question if training under him or her is for you. When you coordinate with their past clients, you would have a better understanding of the work that they do, their style, and if they are reliable as a trainer.

4. They have a personality compatible with your personality
Some of the people you work with are like drill sergeants, while others prefer more fun and creative approaches, which might help them through the process better. You will be spending a considerable amount of time with this person, so there should be some connection. A middle-aged overweight and timid woman will not respond well to a football coach-style approach. I’ve learned that just as important as the program is the relationship between the trainer and client. That is why we have a variety of trainers on staff. It goes with the old saying “different strokes for different folks.”

5. They engaged when coaching clients
Too often training sessions become gab sessions, and no coaching is going on. Other times I’ve seen trainers texting and disengaged with their clients during sessions. A good personal trainer is focused and vigilant, making necessary corrections and giving feedback throughout the session. You have to make sure that they are not slacking around, and they are constantly pushing you to get better and work toward getting fitter.

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