Who Am I To Judge?

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Romans 2:1 says "Therefore you have no excuse, O man, every one of you who judges. For in passing judgment on another you condemn yourself, because you, the judge, practice the very same things."

It's so easy for us to judge others and point out ALL their mistakes and dumb decisions. However, when something doesn't go our way or we make a bad decision... It's never our fault, right? As one of my favorite stoics, Seneca, says "let philosophy scrape off our own faults, rather than be a way to rail against the faults of others."  In other words, leave people to their faults.  Nothing empowers us to judge them -- only to accept them. Take credit card debt for instance.  I would judge folks who got themselves into a lot of debt and consider them undisciplined.  

I was better than them. Or so I thought. Ten years ago, I got my own self into a lot of credit card debt.  It happened for a variety of reasons.  Poor money management, lack of focus on finances, emotional spending, and some financial hardship situations that just required me to use the card. I realized that I was the person I was judging.  And I began to understand that even the most disciplined person could get into credit card debt.  I was not better than them. We are all the captain of our own ship and it's up to us to right the ship if it is off course.   It starts with accepting responsibility for where we are at and then taking the necessary  actions to correct the situation.  It's up to us to make ourselves better and not judge others. I see this a lot with people when they are out of shape. There's judgement against those that are not in shape and need to lose weight.  But who are we to judge?  There are so many reasons health can decline and I'm sure you've experienced some of them yourself...slow metabolism, age, or my least favorite reason...how busy they are. How about you?

Is it time to step up and take ownership for your own health and fitness and quit judging others?

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