Clear The Clutter To Get Focused!

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The other day I found this great piece from Precision Nutrition, a nutrition information company I've learned a lot from. "Oh, the interwebs, how we love you. Purveyor of humorous cat photos! Bringer of LOLs! Epic waster of time! Dispenser of more data and ridiculously ignorant opinion than we could ever possibly use in a billion lifetimes! The Internet is full of information. That’s good! Researchers estimate that 81% of Internet users use it to look up health information. We no longer depend on gatekeepers such as medical institutions to tell us what’s going on with that weird rash. And we can look to social networks for support. The Internet is full of information. That’s bad! All that health information is like an avalanche of neurosis and confusion, just waiting for a foolish skier to let it loose. Our online social networks can turn into gangs of crazies arguing over politics or COVID. In addition to the Internet, we have radio, TV, print, and well meaning strangers and friends, all just dying to share health- and nutrition-related information and opinions. Then we have overly complicated workout routines and nutritional plans. Plus fitness and nutrition "experts" either hawking a "miracle supplement" or nagging, warning, and frightening us. ("RED MEAT WILL KILL YOU!"; "YOU MUST  DO PILATES OTHERWISE YOUR SPINE WILL FALL OUT!"; "RASPBERRY KETONES UNPLUGGED MY DRAIN!" etc.) In fact, you know those 5 people you spend the most time with? One of them is probably the Internet. You may, in fact, have a closer relationship with an online nutritional  or fitness "expert" than you do with your real-life friends. All of this can leave  you  feeling drowned in clutter. It’s like a hoarder’s house of random nutrition facts, stories, opinions, images, and weird sculptures of tap-dancing frogs." This article is so powerful. So much information is coming to us from so many different sources. What we forget is the most important place to clean up - our mind.  I've known too many people that watch too many things and experience information overload or maybe a better word is information overwhelm. Knowledge is good. However, knowledge isn't much use to us until we apply it. Too often information clutter leaves us stuck in a perpetual paralysis by analysis cycle. Instead of following a bunch of random gurus who tend to create more confusion than anything else, imagine how your life could evolve if you found your own personal guru that looks at your specific needs and goals. Two years ago I hired a coach to train me for my 5th physique show.  I had come to know and respect this guy and knew he specialized at training people for these competitions.  It was some of the best money I ever spent because he worked with me with where I was at.   

I had trained myself in my two previous competitions and did okay but I knew I could do better and needed someone to push me to the next level. He certainly had the knowledge. In addition, he took into account my age, schedule, fitness level and other lifestyle issues. And most importantly - he held me accountable. Something a You Tube guru cannot do. I came in at the BEST shape of my life at age 47.  Needless to say, I learned a lot that not only benefited me but my clients as well. Will 2022 be different for you? Will your strategy be to follow a bunch of people on the internet and try to randomly implement different ideas from a variety of gurus? How can you expect to get specific results with this random approach? SPECIFIC RESULTS REQUIRE A SPECIFIC PLAN! Reply to this email to set up a COMPLIMENTARY SUCCESS SESSION with us. These sessions are invaluable because we dig deep to learn about your eating habits, lifestyle, obstacles and other vital information specifically about you. From that information we will come up with our BEST plan for you to make 2022 a BREAKTHROUGH year.  If you like what you see we can move forward from there. 2022 can be your BIG year - so get it!!