Set The Captives Free!

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"The Spirit of the Lord God is on me. The Lord has chosen me to tell good news to the poor and to comfort those who are sad. He sent me to tell the captives and prisoners that they have been set free."  Isaiah 61:1

My personal training business is more than business. It's my ministry.

It's not just here to serve me financially.  It's here to make an impact by being a POSITIVE force in the lives of other people.

One area is to help people transform their bodies and their lives by helping them improve their fitness and nutrition habits.

The other part you might not know is we support other ministry partners here in the United States and around the globe.

One ministry I have supported for 4 years is Merkabah Ministries / The Purpose Center. This is run by my friend Pastor Asif Auguston who is based in Pakistan.

Slavery still exists in Pakistan.  People spend their lives working in nasty conditions in these brick factories.  When Pastor Asif told me about this in December it moved my heart.

Just $1500 frees a slave from the brick factory and gives them an opportunity for a new life.

We are talking about changing the outcome of someone's life with the less than the cost of a vacation or a mortgage payment.

In January, my ministry freed a 65 year old woman who has worked in the factory for 55 years.  However, she will not leave without her son who is also a slave in the brick factory. She depends on him and will not leave without him.

My goal is to get him freed by the end of March using my business as a vehicle.

This week I'm bringing back the ARE YOU STUCK event to raise money for this ministry... to free this woman's son so she can leave with him and SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!

The ARE YOU STUCK EVENT is for women who feel like they have tried everything and simply cannot get traction with their weight loss and fitness goals.  The event is FREE but we are asking for a $20 donation to Merkabah Ministries that will directly go towards freeing this man from slavery.

I will be revealing my top breakthrough strategies for women.  I've developed these over my 26 years of personal training and have helped hundreds of women break through plateaus and see the results they deserve.

Here are couple of examples of what I will be covering.

  • The #1 hormone you can change to shift your body from fat storing to fat burning
  • How to take out head trash that keeps you giving in to emotional / boredom eating
  • The most effective exercise you can do to boost a sluggish metabolism

And much much more.

I will also be teaming up with two other wellness partners. Theresa Schmidtman will be tackling skin care and Stacy Drake will focus on choosing the best clothes for your body.

We will be doing this event live at my gym but will offer a virtual option for those who want to watch it on ZOOM.

You can register by going here.

If you can't come but would like to donate click here.

Dedicated to SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE in 2022.

Erik Peacock
Puravida Fitness

P.S. To learn more about Pastor Asif's ministry click here.