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I love Colossians 3:23 which says "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,"

Just the other day I heard a great podcast with former Hall of Fame NFL quarterback Kurt Warner.

He was talking about the movie "Underdog."  Underdog is the true story about his life and struggles as he worked to fulfill his dream of playing in the NFL.

The movie really resonated with me as I had some struggles to overcome to achieve my dream of playing college football.  I connected with that aspect, but also when he talked about his coach who told him he should think seriously about life after football since he had been riding the bench.

The interviewer asked about this as if it were an insult to Kurt. But his response surprised me.

Instead of getting mad, he asked one of his teammates to find out why the coaches thought so poorly of him and wouldn't give him a chance.

What he found was since he wasn't 'working heartily' in practice, the coaches had no confidence he could perform in a game.

He came to the realization that he needed to show up in the day to day things.  If he couldn't do the little things well, how could he be expected to do the big things at all?

The opportunities opened up for him when he started giving his BEST in EVERYTHING .

In football we say "practice like you play." This means ALWAYS go out with EVERYTHING you got...give 100% ALL THE TIME!

Giving 100% effort becomes a habit, but then so does doing things "half-assed."   

Having been a regular gym goer for 34 years, I see that MOST people simply don't work and even more... don't work smart.

How about you? Do you truly give 100% to your workouts and nutrition?  Do you work heartily?

Is it time to step up your efforts?

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