So What Are You Going To Do About It?

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"Do ALL things without complaining and arguing."  Philippians 2:14

Here is a great story I like to read when I find myself complaining.

There once was a man who lived in a two story house.  The house was near a river and unfortunately the river began to flood.

As the river rose, warnings were given via radio, TV and shortwave. Large jeeps drove through the area to evacuate people.  As a jeep drove by the man's house, he was told:

"You are in danger.  Your life is at stake.  You must evacuate.  Get in the Jeep.  Let us help you evacuate."
"No," the man replied from his doorstep.  "I have faith.  I will be ok.  The flood won't get me.  God will take care of me."

The water continued to rise.

Soon the man was on the second floor.  A boat was going through the area and arrived at the man's house. Rescuers made every effort to convince the man to take action so that his life would be saved.

"You are in danger.  Your life is at stake.  You will drown in the flood."

"No worries," says the man.  "I have faith.  Everything is ok.  Even though the flood is rising, I will be fine.  God will take care of me."

The flood continued to rise.

The man went to the roof to avoid the rising water.  A helicopter pilot sees him on top of the roof and hovers above the man.  Using a megaphone, the pilot tries to convince the man to grab the rope ladder which was dangling above his head.

"You are in danger.  The flood is still rising.  You will drown if you do not grab the rope ladder.  Let us help you."

"No worries."  says the man.  "I will be fine.  Yes, the flood is higher but I have faith.  God will take care of me."

The flood rises.  The man drowns.

At the pearly gates, the man says to God:  "I had faith.  You let me die."  To which God replies: "I sent you a jeep, a boat and a helicopter.  What more could I have done for you?"


Many times someone comes to you with a hand extended, a tool, or a tip which will help you out of trouble.  Often times the tip is simple, obvious and may not seem so special.  The source of the answer you seek may appear to be drab or un-special.

Unfortunately we miss many of these opportunities right in front of our face because we are too focused on complaining and expecting someone else to do it for us.

The reality is that there is ALWAYS a solution but we have to take action and do the work.  There is no magic genie who can magically make these disappear.

Complaining does NOTHING. 

One of the rules I live by and teach to my clients is "don't complain about what you allow."

How are you doing with your 2022 fitness goals?

Are you like the guy on the roof waiting for the next "breakthrough diet" or "magical workout program" to get you in great shape in one week or less?

Keep waiting. These things do no exist.

What does exist are two programs that do work. 

For the LADIES we have the LITTLE BLACK DRESS PROJECT which kicks off Monday March 7th. This has been an extremely effective program that gets REAL RESULTS IN JUST 30 DAYS.

This is a 30 day program that includes the following.

  • Metabolic fat blasting  workouts
  • Rapid fat loss nutrition
  • Weekly accountability and check ins from one of our coaches
  • Metabolic makeover fat burning  seminar
  • Goal setting and time management seminar
  • Personal clothes styling session
  • Skin care session
  • Celebration dinner at Chianti Grill

You can check out and register by clicking here.

For the GUYS, I'm starting a 31 DAY HARD CHALLENGE tomorrow.

This program focuses on strengthening the MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT over the month of March.

Requirements for plan

  • Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes per day
  • Read 1 Proverb per day from the Bible
  • No alcohol or junk food for 31 days
  • Pay off a minimum of $250 extra in debt or if you are debt free, save an extra $250
  • Do 15 minutes of devotions and prayers every morning for 31 days

Included with this program:

  • 31 Day Workout Plan
  • Daily coaching / teaching on private Facebook group
  • Weekly check in for accountability

This starts TOMORROW so go here to sign up so we can get you set up.

These GAME CHANGER programs are excellent solutions for people who have lost their way and want to get some traction back in their lives.

As an added bonus I will donate $20 to my good friend Pastor Asif Auguston's ministry in Pakistan that helps free slaves in brick factories for EVERY person who registers for one of these programs

Not only will you be helping yourself, but you will be helping people halfway across the world who need it.

That is truly a WIN-WIN.

Let's stop complaining and start doing by taking advantage of the opportunities in front of us.

Dedicated to making 2022 your BREAKTHROUGH YEAR.

Erik Peacock