Frequently Asked Questions About Losing Weight And Getting Fit

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Today, while we have accepted different body types, being fit is fashionable, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon. We all want to look our best at the beach, fit into that beautiful dress and moreover be healthy so we can enjoy all that life has to offer, to the fullest. However, when it comes to fitness, you may have many questions but often find genuine answers challenging to come by. Puravida Fitness wants to arm you with the most accurate information to help you make informed decisions. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about losing weight and getting in shape.

1. Is cardio essential for weight loss? 
Many people go to the gym regularly but never seem to transform their bodies. They don’t understand that nutrition is most critical when it comes to weight loss. You simply cannot outwork a bad diet. Workouts can be checked off once they are complete, but nutrition is an all-day focus. Most people do not eat as they should for fat loss and thus don’t see results.

2. How much weight could I lose per week?
Initially, you will drop more weight as you clean up your diet. Much of this is extra water weight and bloating being expelled from your body. Ideally, shedding one to two pounds per week is most beneficial as any more, and you are likely to be losing muscle mass which will lower your metabolism and set you up for a big rebound in weight gain.

3. Does consuming carbohydrates make you fat? 
Carbohydrates or carbs get a bad rap because they are the one macronutrient that causes blood sugar to elevate most. However, carbs are necessary for good brain function and energy to complete challenging workouts. The problem isn’t carbs. It is the amount and type of carbs most Americans consume, and cutting them out is not the answer. Learning which carbs to eat and proper timing is key to getting the benefits from carbs without weight gain.

4. Is it true high reps with lighter weights tone while heavier weights and lower reps build? 
This is an urban myth. We have our clients continue to train heavily even in calorie-depleted states. Keeping high tension on your muscles tells your body you need the muscle, while lighter weights can lead to muscle loss. Most people want to be toned, which means keeping muscle while losing fat. Whereas if you lose muscle along with fat, you will end up looking “skinny fat.”

5. Do stimulants help with fat loss? 
Stimulants can help a little, provided your exercise and nutrition are dialed in first. You need to be careful with stimulants as they can cause damage if used excessively. You can fry your adrenal glands, leaving you fatigued. Stimulants can also affect sleep which will hamper your overall recovery. We recommend using them in moderation only if you tolerate them well. If you have high blood pressure or any cardiovascular issue, the risk is not worth the benefit. The vast majority of your results will come from eating correctly and consistently and regular exercise to keep your body in a state of caloric deficit.

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