Don't Be A "75 Percenter"

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Colossians 3:23 is one of my favorite passages.  In fact, I read it out loud every day to remind myself to always give 100%.

"Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men"

One thing I've learned over the years is this - how you do one thing is how you do EVERYTHING.

Back in my thirties I put most of my effort into my business and my fitness.

Looking back, I shake my head and realize how selfish I was.

My effort with my family, faith, finances and friendships was probably 75% at best.
I was a "75 percenter. " I was doing some things in those areas but wasn't giving them 100%.

Eventually it caught up to me because my life became severely out of balance.

Luckily, God brought a great mentor into my life. He instilled the Word Of God in me and Colossians 3:23 is a verse that is now etched in my mind.

Whatever I am doing, I am certain to give it my full effort as I focus and imagine that God is standing over me... watching me. I will not be a slacker if He is my supervisor.

When I started slowing down and focusing 100% in whatever area of my life I was working on at the moment...when I began to be truly present in each and every moment, I can honestly say EVERYTHING is better.  I will never "arrive" but things today have drastically improved in ALL areas of my life.

I see the "75 percenter" mindset" with fitness and nutrition all the time.

Are you someone who will exercise diligently but slack on your nutrition?

Do you eat healthy some of the time but still allow just enough garbage in your diet, that it keeps you stuck at the same weight?

How about following a nutrition plan but "half assing" your exercise...sound familiar?

75% doesn't cut it.  "All in" at 100% is what it takes.

That final 25% is usually the game changer you need in order to move forward.

How about you?

Are you "all in" or only 75% in?  Are you ready to experience real change in your life - by committing 'heartily'?

Those 2022 fitness goals are still achievable if you are ready to go "all in" and work for them like God Himself is watching you and cheering you on.

I can help you.

Reply to this email to set up a transformation session with me. We will put a plan together that moves you from 75% to "all in" so you can achieve the results you want and deserve