Do You Have Integrity?

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"Whoever walks with integrity walks securely." Proverbs 10:9

My senior year of college I was recruited into Amway by a guy named Brad.

Brad drove down to my university in a BMW and told us he trained the upper 5% income bracket in the Twin Cities metro area.

He had also played college football like me.

As an impressionable college senior, I was impressed by Brad.

When I moved up to the cities, Brad asked me to come to work for him part time at his personal training studio.

That was where my impression of Brad changed drastically.

Brad would constantly move his training gym. Not because he was "expanding" as he put it. But because he never paid his rent.

He'd also be working out when high paying clients showed up and would have them work out on their own until he finished his own workout.  In essence, making them wait for him on their time.

To top it off, he regularly didn't have money to pay his trainers, claiming he was in litigation with former clients.

I was young, but knew Brad was 'not walking with integrity'.

He talked big, but his actions were not congruent with his words.

I finally had enough of his behaviors and put in my notice. I let Bad know that the biggest lesson I had learned from him was how not to run a business.

Now you might read this story and shake your head thinking "what a con man."

Maybe you have done business with someone like Brad only to have a bad experience because that person did not keep their word.

We tend to do better at integrity with others. But when it comes to ourselves...we are no better than Brad.

What happened to all those things you promised you were going to change at the beginning of the year?

Have you followed through on them or did you lie to yourself once again?

Having integrity doesn't just mean keeping your word and doing the right things for others.

It also means keeping your word to yourself.

Getting in better shape is the #1 new year's resolution made each year and sadly 80% of people break this promise to themselves by February.

How about you?

Have you kept your word to yourself in 2022?

If not, don't fret. There is still plenty of time to make it happen - to HONOR your word and maintain your INTEGRITY.

Many times I find people want to follow through but simply just do not have the TIME, ENERGY or KNOWLEDGE of how to put together an effective routine that fits their lifestyle, keeps them motivated and delivers results.

That is where I come in.  I have over 27 year experience helping people transform their bodies and their lives.  My team and I know how to do it and do it well. Click here to see some of our BEST success stories.

You can STILL be our next SUCCESS STORY of 2022.

Be true to yourself and do what you set out to do in 2022. Reply to this email to set up a complimentary transformation success session with me. We'll do a thorough assessment of your current situation and come up with our BEST plan to get you to your 2022 goals.

Dedicated to your success,

Erik Peacock