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Philippians 3:14 says "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus."

When working toward any worthy goal you are bound to experience frustration and setbacks.

I've always been very goal oriented and have definitely experienced frustrations and setbacks. But as the passage says, I always pressed toward the mark for my prize.

Flashback to the early 90s. I had decided to walk-on the Mankato State University football team. I was undersized and under talented but I was highly motivated and determined to do 2 things...

Earn a scholarship to help my parents pay for college and become a part of the starting line-up for the team.

I had a lot of naysayers who said I was "too small" and "not good enough."  That only fueled my motivation to press towards the mark.

I worked my ass off in the weight room to put on size.  I endured daily beatdowns playing on the scout team and earned my share of bumps and bruises going against guys who were All-Americans.

I knew all this would make me better and I was willing to pay my dues to achieve my goals.

During my third year I hit a wall.  I watched my roommate head out to go fishing while I headed to yet another mandatory workout.   I started to question whether all the commitment and hard work was really worth it.  After all, I could be having fun fishing instead of having my butt busted every day.

I actually called my position coach and told him I was quitting.

After the call something didn't feel right.  I had never quit anything before and wondered why I was starting now.

I didn't like the feeling and made a deal with myself to stick it out through spring practices.  They were only weeks away and if nothing improved after giving it my all in spring practice then I would then hang it up.

Low and behold spring practice was where my breakthrough occurred.  I had a great spring practice and was offered a scholarship. Then the following fall I stepped up as a starter when the player who was in front of me got hurt.

We ended up winning the conference and going to the national playoffs. It was a monumental year and I had almost missed out on it all by quitting just before my breakthrough occurred.

I often reflect back and wonder how my life would look had I quit and walked away.  Would I be a quitter when things got tough instead of the resilient person I am now?  Who knows...

The one thing I do know is too often people are quick to give up when the going gets tough.  How many breakthroughs are missed because of this?

At the beginning of the year we are all motivated to have a BREAKTHROUGH year but as the year rolls on LIFE HAPPENS.

Setbacks and challenges can wear you down.  So much that it just gets tempting to quit.


Your breakthrough is coming so KEEP PRESSING!

One tool I use to keep going is to surround myself with good mentors and people who continually encourage me and keep me pressing towards my mark.

That is the culture we have at Puravida Fitness.

Is your motivation tank running low?

I want to fill it back up.

Reply to this email to set up a SUCCESS SESSION.  We will meet with you to find out where you are at, where you want to go and come up with the BEST way to get you there.  You can still make your 2022 fitness goals a reality.  Just keep pressing and ask for help when you need it and we will help you get there.

Dedicated to helping you BREAKTHROUGH!

Erik Peacock